8-Week Female Partner Group

Partner Support For Betrayed Spouses New to Recovery

Crawling Out of Your Skin? Having a Hard Time Focusing? Anxious, Depressed, Angry over Your Partner's Betrayal? THIS IS NORMAL.

Research suggests that women who have experienced partner betrayal via sexual betrayal have symptoms of PTSD (nightmares, invasive thoughts, anxiety, sleep disturbances).

At Namasté Center For Healing, our emphasis on trauma recovery including healing partner betrayal is unmatched in our industry. We provide women with the safety and support they need as they process through the beginning phases of such a betrayal to feel more grounded and centered in their minds and bodies.

During this beginner partner group, women will gain/learn:

  • Self care techniques
  • Healthy Boundary Setting
  • Validation, support, safety, confidentiality
  • How to effectively embrace and communicate their anger
  • Tools for coping with the incredible loss they feel

And more!

8-Weeks Starting Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Facilitated by Annie Jacobs, LACMHC, EMDR Trained, Partner Specialist

Location: 4505 South Wasatch Blvd Set 205, SLC, UT 84124

Time: 11:30a.m.-1:00 p.m.

VIDEO CALL IN OR ATTEND LIVE! (We use Zoom for video call in options)

When: Weekly for 8 weeks on Tuesdays

Tuition: $40 per group

Sign up: 801-272-3500; office@namasteadvice.com

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