Pants on Fire

By: Meg Cabot


The main character is Katie Ellison, Tommy Sulllivan, Seth Turner, and Eric Fluteley. Some minor charactors would be Katies bestfriend Sidney Van der Hoff and Katies little brother Liam.


A teenage girl named Katie ellison has been in a relationship wih a boy named seth for four years now. But when Tommy Sullivan the most hated kid in Eastport comes back to town, everything changes. At the same time Katie is holding dozens of secerets, and realizes theat her lies are cathing up to her and she doesnt know what to do.

Plot Elements

At the beginng it was all perfect for high schooler Katie Ellison. When all of the sudden Katie starts becoming un faitful to her boyfriend of four years, with a different boy named Eric Fluteley. During all of this stress Tommy Sullivan, Katies past boyfriend of four years ago. Comes back to town, and looking better then ever.


This book would deffinately be made for teenage girls. Especialy if the girls is going through many boyfriend problems or is dealing with drama in that category. Also it sends a message to teenage girls, that they should one not cheat on their boyfriends bcause it will backfire. Two dont put to much things on your plate because it can get very stressful. And three do what pleases you not what pleases othe people.