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How to Become a Doctor in the United States of America

The career of a physician or a medical doctor is always a rewarding one – both financially and intrinsically. If you are thinking about how to become a doctor– you need to realize it early that entering this profession requires many years of hard work and that is the reason it is the best to start preparing for this as soon as possible, preferably during your high school years.

In order to become a doctor – you are first required to be a high school graduate with the best possible grades. This is because higher grades will provide you with a better chance of being accepted by the colleges of your choice. You become eligible for taking and passing the Medical College Admission Test only after obtaining your bachelor degree from a university. The number you need to score in the entrance test in order to get admission in a medical college varies according to the total number of applying students, number of available seats and also your rank among the qualified candidates. In order to get admitted to the best and the most prestigious medical schools in the country, you need to rank among the top qualified candidates and you can check out the minimum required number for admission by visiting the respective college websites.

It takes 4 years to graduate from a medical school and depending upon your rank in the entrance examination you can choose to get admitted in any of the accredited medical school of your choice. Choosing the right medical college is of great importance, for you need to find one that has the best curriculum and faculties and you will find all required college information available at their respective website. You need to spend some time for finding the college you will like to study in and also the ranking that you must achieve in order to get admission in them. But whatever medical college you choose or find admission in you must obtain a M.D or D.O degree from an American Medical School or an equivalent degree from an International Medical School.

If you are in America, once you have become a medical school graduate you need to complete a medical residency training program that can be of duration of 3 to 5 years depending upon your field of specialty and then the United States Medical Licensing Examination for obtaining the license required for practicing medicine in the country. Apart from this US medical license you also need to get a State Medical License from the authorities of the State in which you want to practice. American doctors are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. It is very much evident that in order to become a doctor in America apart from being intelligent and very good at your studies – you are also required to be extremely hardworking and diligent for achieving success. Search for your best medical colleges in the country and their admission criteria using any college search engine and prepare yourself accordingly.

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