2nd Hand Players

From the Costume Department

Hello families! We need your talents and help to put on a great 2nd grade show. Please let me know if you are able (or not) to provide some items. As you probably know, our play takes place in the Scottish Highlands, so THINK PLAID. Each student is responsible for bringing their own costume. Two reporters (Jane Austen and John Keats) are played by two students each, so they can coordinate who brings in what pieces and they may share costumes.

The basic costume for ALL actors is a black top and bottoms (leggings or pants/sweats). Additional costumes should be simple to be layered on for quick changes. Listed below are roles and needs.

  • KIDS #1-8: Plaid shirts (to wear over black shirt), backpack
  • MRS. RILEY: glasses, scarf, a "teacher look"
  • MRS. O'HARA: same as above
  • REPORTERS: (Jane Austen, John Keats, JK Prowling): Jacket/tie, trench coats? They are "on location." Microphones.
  • CONTRACTION GRAMMAROSAURI: Big coats or raincoats, on the long side
  • TOURIST: binoculars, camera, plaid scarf, hat, backpack/fanny pack, lots of plaid!
  • PROFESSOR STRUNK & WHITE: glasses, jacket, bow tie, etc. Think "professorial."
  • DR. WEBSTER: white coat, glasses
  • NESSIE: plaid scarf
  • MR. MEAN: tie, glasses, "teacher look"

SET DECORATION: The week of the show, we invite parents to come after school and help set up. I will firm up that date soon. We need to create a 2nd grade "cubby room" and "Scotland." Does anybody have a dry ice machine for some mist? That might be ambitious, but we might be able to make it work.

It would be great if we could have the costumes squared away by January 22nd. Please let me know if you have any questions. The kids are working very hard in rehearsals. Keep practicing!


Mrs. Nyce