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Blind boy survives on island with a cat and a man named Timothy

A 12 year old boy named phillip and 70 year ol Timothy was stranded on a cay with cat that was named stew cat.Phillip was blind and somehow survived.


with phillip

gs: How did you get on the cay?
Phillip: Well I was leaving panama with my mother when we were hit by a Nazi torpedo.

gs: Who was with you on the cay?
Phillip: Timothy and stew cat.

gs: How did stew cat get on the cay?
Phillip: Timothy told me he hopped on the raft that took us to the cay.

gs: How did you survive?
Phillip: We it was timothy that helped me survive.

gs: How did you become blind?
Phillip:Something must hit me in the head.

gs: How bad was the hurricane?
Phillip: Very bad it killed timothy!!

gs : How did you survive the hurricane?
Phillip: I was tied to a tree.

gs: What did stew cat do in the hurricane?
Phillip: I don't know.

gs: When you became blind how did you feel?

Phillip: I thought I can't helpTimothy.

gs: How did you feel when you had to spell help for timothy?

PHILLIP: good and smart.



Timothy was stranded on the cay with Phillip but died on the cay.Timothy was born in Charlotte Amalie and was an orphan.He helped and teach Phillip on how to survive alone on the cay.Had malaria 2 times once before being sranded and on island.


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battle of stalingrad above

Stew Cat

Stew was the cat that was with timothy and phillip on the cay he made phillip feel better when he was sad.