Do What Needs Doing!! Get Started.

......and you are in A BUSINESS ...... your own.


The 1st prime fact: Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Are you ready to learn, to share and to educate your family, old friends, and new friends on your new found opportunity. Most people are to afraid to even try. Their fear of failure and rejection is greater then their desire to make their dreams come true. So they rather play it safe in a job that they aren't truly happy with.

The 2nd prime fact: Would you be 100% loyal to your new found opportunity?

Your rank in corporate, position and life status does not matter here. It does not matter how much money you have or don't have. How you treat people around you is what that matters. It does not even matter the many mistakes you've made.

The 3rd prime fact: Do you really love direct sales and network marketing?

Never mind if you know nothing at all. The opportunity is availed to people to live life better in the future. You just need to believe in yourself first, the industry second and everyone around you, third. You just need to continue to learn and develop yourself.

The final prime fact: Can you add value to others and be a positive example?

Would you be able to show love, care and support for self and to others as well. Can you be passionate about what you need to do and begin this journey. Are you ready to go and show others what you have to offer like a true professional would, with love and integrity, the life changing opportunity you have chosen. With compassion!


1. Your customers will see the BIGGER value and LARGER volume.

2. Your customers will commend you for the fabulous range.

3. Your customers will reward you with more customers.

4. Your customers will continue their loyalty and advertising.

We will teach you from day one on how to :

1. How to get started with a customer base.

2. How to expand your customer base.

3. How to continue the building the business volume.

4. How to benefit from our hand held coaching and continued training.

YOU ARE INVITED to know this Business Opportunity that delivers a good income. You will get to understand the business opportunity and

  • understand why we say that the business is flexible,
  • understand why it is simple,
  • understand its growth and why.
  • Discover the excellent range of affordable products for men and women.
  • Discover your own possessed skills and ability.
  • Discover the profits.

You have a choice with a no obligations discovery session. You may come to our Sami Direct Head Quarters in Petaling Jaya, with a pre appionted time to know more.... or have me, K Thiru meet you at your residence with your famly members and relatives.

Call 016-3712762.