Commercial Research

Brit Marwood, 2nd Period

Emotional Advertising

This commercial for Mazda's new car appeals to the emotional side of people. It shows a man proposing to his girlfriend on top of a snowy mountain peak. This commercial appeals to young men and women with middle income who are planning on, or have a family. It appeals to people who live in areas with bad weather where road conditions can be hazardous. It also appeals to those who love to drive out into the wilderness and explore the unknown, and those who need a car that can traverse bad road conditions.
2016 Mazda Emotional Commercials, 'The Proposal Driving Matters'

Testimonial Advertising

This commercial for GameFly convinces people due to multiple testimonials from satisfied customers. It appeals to parents with kids, and kids. it appeals to kids all over the world where technology is present. It also appeals to kids who love video games, and enjoy staying indoors.
GameFly Kids Testimonial Commercial 10112011

Transfer Advertising

This Chevy commercial shows transfer advertising due to the woman with her dog. It subconsciously makes you think about your pet while still being associated with Chevy. It appeals to people who love their pets, and to any age. It appeals to people all over the world. It makes you think about your pets when deciding on your next car purchase.
2014 Chevy Commercial - Maddie