Congo Caves!

Located in sunny South Africa!

5 interesting facts you might want to know.

1. Congo caves was discovered in 1780 and are still being explored in the present day. 2. The 'end' of the cave is 25 km from the entrance and 275 ft underground! 3. In 1897 only the first 26 chambers were discovered. 4. It has been explored and mapped for over 200 years. 5. The caves are actually a museum and are considered apart of the roadways in South Africa.

The caves experiences

The cave has many exciting things and places to explore. The museum offers learning experiences and 2 forms of tours, The normal tour and the Adventure tour. The normal tour takes you through the caves while the adventure tour takes you deep inside the caves with tight squeezes and low crawls. Although the Adventure costs more it is well worth the extra cost for the exciting experiences you will have. The inside of the caves are also very beautiful and offer an experience like no other.