Miss Dowling's Class Newspaper

January 15, 2016 Volume 6

Need Help? Meet The SSHH

We are the SSHH (suspicously secret homework helpers).Our job is to secretly help you with your homework through letters. Here are our guidelines:

-We do not help you if you have not tried

-You must have tried three times before you contact us

-We will not do it for you, for example, if you don't know how to do your Greek and Latin root cards (which you should) we will not make them for you.

If you have followed these guidelines and still need to contact us, write your question to us in a anonymous letter and sign it with the code HSe67. Then give it to Miss Dowling and tell her it is for the homework helpers. After a few days you will get your response.


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Mason's Book

Mason is reading the book Minecraft. It was written by Mojang. It is about Alex and Steve on an adventure to defeat the dragon. On their way they meet the enemies, creepers, squid, wolf, zombie, skeleton, spider, enderman, magma cubes and spider jockey. Alex and Steve have to survive and fight their enimies while farming and breeding animals. They also have to protect their land.

Tips for teachers

Yamaja in 5th grade MissDowlings class tip for her teacher is that we should be able to pick our locker partners.

Photo Gallery By: Aarushi

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In PE we are working on fitness testing. We are now finished. We completed the pacer which you have to run across the gym without stoping and if you stop in the middle two times you are done. We also worked on the push ups and sit ups, seeing how much you can do without stoping. And pull ups. And last stretching.