Spirit Week

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The was busiest and most fun-filled week in this school year.

Please read the following reminders carefully:

Report Cards

  • The report cards are inside the homework folder.
  • Please and sign and return it by Monday, February 8th.
  • You can keep the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that is with the report card.

Parent Teacher Conference PTC

  • There is no day for the PTC.
  • I am available Thursday and Friday before and after school.
  • If you wish to schedule a PTC, please email me two preferred time slots from the schedule attached to the email or you can sign up yourself. The schedule is outside the classroom.
  • If the days and times in the schedule are not suitable, please let me know so we can schedule a stable time for both of us.

Valentine Decorated Boxes

  • I am sending home empty shoe boxes or tissue boxes so you can decorate it with your child.
  • The decorated boxes are due by Wednesday, February 10th
  • This is not a mandatory activity. If you or your child are not interested in decorating the boxes or participating in this activity, you do not need to do it.
  • If you are interested but you do not know how decorate your box, I have attached a picture of one decorated valentine boxes made by one of the students in the Friday wrap-up email.
  • If you are interested but don't have the time, you have the choice to buy a decorated Valentine box.
  • A class list is provided for children to write love notes for all their classmates.

Homework Binder

  • I have noticed that many students didn't do their math homework this past week.
  • I also noticed that many students didn't do the graphic organizer ( the reading response or the story elements assignment in the reading section of the binder).
  • Please do the math homework and complete the graphic organizer sometime during next week.

Team Sports Day

Career Day

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1.Short & Long Vowels Revision

They completed short & long vowels exercises on their Phonics book.

2. Vocabulary

After listening to Red Riding Hood, the students inferred the meaning of these words: (delighted, wicked, lurking) from the context of the story. Then they explained the meaning of them.

3.Story Elements

They identified the story elements (title, characters, setting, problem, and solution) of Red Riding Hood & The Ugly Duckling.

4. Compare & Contrast

The student compared and contrasted Red Riding Hood & The Ugly Duckling using a Venn diagram.

5. Adjectives

  • They were introduced to adjectives.
  • They worked in groups to describe a character in a book or a food item.


1. 2D & 3D Shapes

  • We reviewed 2D shapes names (rectangle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, circle, oval, star, heart)
  • The students stated the number of sides each shape has.
  • They were introduced to 3D shapes (cube. rectangular prism, cone, cylinder, sphere, triangular prism, pyramid)
  • They compared the 2D shapes to the 3D shapes.
  • They tried finding 3D shapes in the classroom (e.g. he door is a rectangular prism)
  • They made 3D shapes using marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti.

2. Subtraction

They subtracted numbers using the number line method.

Social Studies

Groundhog Day

  • The students learned about the origins of groundhog celebration (where it’s celebrated, why it’s celebrated, and learned the name of groundhog in Pennsylvania “Phil”.
  • The students guessed whether Phil will see his shadow or not.
  • They graphed the results( bar graph)


1. Sun & Shadows

Light & Shadow Experiment

  • The students were provided with a circle-shaped construction paper with a hole in the middle.
  • One student placed the pencil in the middle of circle, while another turned held a flash light and shone the light in the direction of pencil.
  • The students observed the location of the shadow compared to the light position.

2.Food Pyramid

Since we talked 3D and we are starting our nutrition project, we briefly talked about the food pyramid and the food groups in each section of the pyramid.


Writing & Handwriting Skills

They practiced writing their spelling words in their journal using 3 activities from the spelling activity sheet (writing words 3 times, rainbow words, and circling vowels in words)

Western Day

Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

· What does delighted, wicked, or lurking mean?

· Describe Red Riding Hood or The Ugly Duckling.


· Name some 3D shapes.

· Look around and find an item that looks like a rectangular prism, cube, sphere, or cylinder.

Social Studies

· What does it mean when Phil sees his shadow?

· What does it mean when Phil doesn’t see his shadow?

· What happened this year? Did Phil see his shadow or not?

Working Together to Come up with Adjectives

Building 3D Shapes


February 4th

  • Reports Cards go home

February 8th

  • Sign and return the report cards.

February 10th

  • Decorated Valentine boxes are due.

February 12th

  • Dress in red or pink apparel
  • Parents Night Out @ 6:30PM-9:30 PM

Light& Shadows Experiment

Showing The Cheetah Spirit