Hermann Wilhelm Göring

Hermann Göring

BIRTH DATE: January 12, 1893

PLACE OF BIRTH: Rosenheim, Germany

FATHER: Heinrich Ernst Göring

MOTHER: Franziska Tiefenbrunn

SIBLINGS: Albert Göring, Karl Göring, Paula Göring, Olga Therese Sophia Göring

SPOUSES/PARTNERS: Emmy Göring (m. 1935–1946), Carin Göring (m. 1923–1931)

CHILDREN: Edda Göring

I am greatly known for being the most phenomenal leader of National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party.

My father Heinrich Ernest Goring was a professional soldier and also the governor of German West Africa. I am the fourth of five children of my parents. My elder siblings were Karl, Olga, and Paula; my younger brother was Albert. When I was still six weeks old, my parents left me in the friends' homes to go abroad.

Right from my childhood, I was already interested in war games and loved playing with my toy soldiers. At the age of sixteen I was sent to a military academy at Berlin Lichterfelde where I graduated with distinction, and later on they found out that I have an IQ of 138. In 1915, when I was hospitalized by rheumatism my good friend Bruno Loerzer visited me and persuaded me to join air corps. It was the start of my passion on being a pilot.

Me while performing my duty as a pilot

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My happiness

When I was assigned to be a showflier and pilot in Denmark and Sweden,I met my first wife, Baroness Karin von Fock-Kantzow, whom I married in Munich in February 1922. But unfortunately she died in 1931 from illness. Then in 1935, I marry my second wife Emma “Emmy” Sonnemann. We had a daughter named Edda Goring.

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With Hitler

Adolf Hitler was my best buddy. When I met Hitler at a National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party's rally and I subsequently join the Nazi Party. As a former military officer, he commanded me to assist the stormtroopers (the "SA"). In September 1930, Hitler appoints me as his political representative in Berlin, and chose me to lead the Nazi Party Reichstag delegation. After helping Hitler consolidate into a major power, I soon became the second most powerful man after him, in Germany.

Reich Chancellery Meeting

Tuesday, May 23rd 1939 at 9am

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Berlin

It is the place in where Hitler announced his decision to attack Poland and gave his reasons, and discussed the effect the decision might have on other countries.
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During the 1930's

In 1932, I became the President of the Reichstag after the second Nazi electoral surge makes the Nazi Party the largest in Germany. I began Libel Proceedings Against Franz von Papen. After Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Goering took on many positions of power and leadership within the Nazi state: Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force), Director of the Four Year Plan in the German economy, and, at the outbreak of war in Europe, I've implemented a lot of things during this time like banned Communist Party Demonstrations, punished Foreign Journalists for Malicious Reporting, authorized Placing Sex Offenders and Serious Criminals in Protective Custody, announces Existence of German Air Force (1934), and more. I even hosted British Ambassador Nevile Henderson and Swedish businessman Birger Dahlerus at his home in Berlin, Germany in 1939 for tea between 1700 and 1900 hours.

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During my first time to be a pilot

I was aged 21 when the World War 1 came and at this time I was already a 2nd Lieutenant in the German Army. They assigned me to become their combat pilot in air force. Most of the people that time known me for being the "fighter pilot ace". I was awarded as the Pour le Merite (Blue Max) and the Iron Cross. I also became the last Commander of the Richthofen Fighter Squadron. By the end of the war, I could claim to have some degree of fame in Germany and one of the best-known German air force war heroes.
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world war 2

In 1934, My Gestapo and the Nazis' parliamentary regiments, also known as "Schutzstaffel" or the "SS," carried out what has become known as the "Night of the Long Knives," in which 85 members of the political opposition were assassinated. Being associated with Hitler helped me rise to power alongside the Führer. I took command of the German air force or Luftwaffe.

I then became Hitler's successor. Hitler gave me the special rank of marshal of the empire. By April 1945, however, with the Allies moving in, I attempted to assume Hitler's powers in accordance with the pronouncements of 1939. Hitler misunderstood that and thought that I was cheating on him, he placed me under house arrest. By April 1945, the situation for the Nazis had become dire, and on April 30, 1945, Hitler and wife Eva Braun committed suicide. I was freed from prison and immediately sought out American troops and surrendered.

My life after the war

After World War 2, I was arrested for being a war criminal. In the prison I was able to break my morphine addiction. I tried to explain myself to them and denied any involvement in the regime's more monstrous activities but I was still condemned to death. Before being killed by them, I decided to just take away my own life.