The study of life on earth and in space. (Alivia Spenard)

Importance to human and society

Astrobiology is important to our world in many ways. They say that the intelligence of extraterrestrial life will help solve our current problems. It's also said to be that it will destroy our civilization whether it is by accident or intent.

How It affects me and my peers

Extraterrestrial life could affect my peers and I in many ways. They could be an advantage by helping us learn things that we didn't know. They could also be a bad thing. Aliens could be a threat to us no one really knows, and that's why they are still studying it.

To sum it up

Astrobiology is fairly new and hasn't been around too long. it was founded in the 1960's. Astrobiology is its own career which means no other career really feeds into it. Biology is the main thing that relates to it because it is the study of living things. If we were actually to find extraterrestrial life it would change a lot of things. Most people would be scared but others may think differently.
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