The Penny Challenge

Operation Rice Bowl

Collect change. Fill bowl. Fight hunger.

Tuesday, March 1st, 12am to Thursday, March 31st, 11:45pm

Kearney Residence Hall and Clock Tower Commons

Save your coins and participate in this fun challenge to help fight hunger around the world...and for a chance to win pizza at your next floor meeting!

Here's how it works:

Residents place pennies into their Floor's bowl

Paper money and silver coins get placed into the bowls of other Floors.

This fuels the competition; Pennies count positively towards a floor’s total, silver coins and paper money count against a floor.
The floor with the most points by the end of the month will win pizza at their next floor meeting!

Penny = +2 points

Nickel = -5 points

Dime = -10 points

Quarter = -25 points

Dollar = -100 points

*Ask your RA for more details*

What is Operation Rice Bowl?

Run by Catholic Relief Services, Operation Rice Bowl has been able to alleviate hunger caused by poverty and improve the lives of individual and families in developing countries as well as in their own communities. In the first 40 years, more than $250 million has been given through CRS Rice Bowl to support programs that prevent hunger and poverty around the world. Of that, $62.5 million went to programs in the U.S. through local dioceses and $187.5 million went to CRS programs overseas.