Eleanor Roosevelt

The First Lady Of The United States


Eleanor's real name was Anna, but her mom's name was also Anna so they called her by her middle name, Eleanor. Eleanor she was born in New York City, October 11, 1884.

A New Career 1900s

The democrats asked Franklin to run for New York State senate it was the beginning of a new career for both of them.

1913-1920 and 50

Every afternoon she spent time with her children she also tried to help Franklin with his job he became assistant secretory of the navy and the family moved to Washington D.C they were very hopeful. Franklin ran for vice president of James M Cox. The democrats lost so they stayed in Campobello , Main. one night Franklin was tired so he went to bed the next day he could not move his legs he had polio. In 1950 there was a cure for polio.

A New Life

Their daughter Anna, had gotten married and the boys went to collage and Eleanor taught at a private school for girls.

1938 to April 12, 1945

Her friend was an African-American and she asked Eleanor to a concert and to sit with her. This was against the law for them to sit with each other during that kind of event, so she moved her chair calmly in the middle of the two isles without breaking the law, and did not move. During one of her speeches her husband died, on April 12, 1945.

1940-1962 The Lady Of The World

Eleanor was alone .she decided to with the recent president, Harry Truman and his. wife Bess. So she lived in the white house with them. when she finally left the white house and Washington D.C, she spent time with her grand children. she was now the lady of the world. On November 7,1962 Eleanor Roosevelt died, people from around the world came to her funeral.