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Newsletter November 2017

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In this issue:

  • New President Welcome
  • FBA Video
  • Upcoming Events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Welcome New Members
  • New FBA Initiatives
  • Join a Family Business Advisory (FBA) Team
  • Member News
  • Thank You Sponsors
  • Board of Directors, Welcome Jennifer Wilson
  • Our Mission & Vision
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Welcome from Oliver Sommer, New FBA President

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‘From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow’

- Aeschylus

In communities across Vancouver Island family business plays a unique role. From the employment they create. The tax base they provide. The many ways they contribute to community giving. Family business is a significant part of Island life and a backbone to the local economic and social fabric.

The Family Business Association Vancouver Island is focused on assuring family businesses thrive. As an organization our mandate is simple. Support the needs and champion the values of family business. We do that with a focus on three key areas.

Consultation – Through our advisory teams delivering professional and personal advice from a group of trusted peers experienced in family business to the informal opportunities to share experiences, we support our members in personal and meaningful ways.

Education – We develop and deliver a regular curriculum of learning opportunities attended by family businesses and advisors just like you.

Networking – Our members enjoy the regular opportunity to meet other like-minded family businesses to connect and build relationships.

With guidance from our board and the energy, ideas and enthusiasm of members the Family Business Association Vancouver Island offers like-minded organizations the opportunity to connect and support each other. Ours are unique opportunities and challenges. Together we can provide the answers to continuing success as families in business.

If you believe Family Business is worth championing I invite you explore the many opportunities of our growing and vibrant association.

Inquire about putting the video up on your Facebook page or website:

Upcoming Events

Ambitions, Extreme Goals & Risks

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Fireside chat on reaching your potential

This event is cancelled due to a scheduling issue - we will try to offer it in 2018.

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Faxes to Facebook

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Interactive Workshop

Friday, January 26 & February 2nd

(beginning one week later than previously advertised)

1-5pm @ Camosun College

Click HERE to see the event flier with full details

Members: $225 (plus GST); Non-members: $275 (plus GST)

Never before have so many generations worked together as they do today. How many of us would have predicted smart phones, texting, and the likes of Facebook 25 years ago? The rapid growth of technology and corresponding communication tools have had a major impact on the speed of doing business and on organizational cultures too. Despite having all of these technological communication tools in the business world, some people wonder if we are communicating less effectively than ever before.

This interactive workshop is designed to address the basics of effective communication, share information to help bridge the multigeneration gaps in today’s workplace, explore various communication channels and prepare you to create a communication strategy that is aligned with the values and culture of your family business.

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AGM Photo Gallery

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Leaps & Lessons

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Dear Younger Me

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Copyright Next Step Advisors

Thanks to David Bentall, Deborah Louvier & Darrin Hotte for an excellent day exploring the 10 Traits Successors Need. It was a day to remember!

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Welcome New Members

MGM Mechanical, Family Member, Jac-Lyn & Max Michelson

Drive Wise BC, Family Member, Kate Wells

Michell Excavating, Family Member, Karen Wiggins

New FBA Initiatives

Watch for news on:

  • The Nextgen Thinktank. FBA is bringing together family business founders and mentors with the nextgens to help plan meaningful programming and initiatives that meet the needs of the younger generation.

  • Young Entrepreneur Award, new for 2018. The award recipient will be announced in early January.

  • FBA Ad Campaign - Hot House Marketing produced three dynamic ads that Black Press and the Business Examiner will run throughout the year. Thanks everyone!

Join a Family Business Advisory (FBA) Team

The teams serve as your own mini board of directors, supporting you in your challenges and opportunities as a family business. Members leverage the perspectives of other family businesses, industries and generations.

We encourage all family business member to join an FBA Team. This is their unique opportunity to learn from each other, to work on their family business is a special way and to have the security of confidential discussions in a trusting and inviting environment. Many members of family businesses feel alone and these groups end the isolation because those in the group understand that operating a family business brings its unique challenges.

The experiences from those who have been there on topics like working with the family, managing the business and succession are among the areas discussed.

Call 250-532-2402 or email for more information.

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Member News

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MGM Mechanical; Best Trade in VRBA Care Awards

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Congratulations Jac-Lyn & Max Mickelson, MGM Mechanical

Dan Dagg Upcoming Chamber President

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Congratulations Dan!

Wilson's Transportation

The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce 11th Annual Crystal Awards for Business Excellence gave Wilson's Transportation the Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit. Congratulations!

Thank you Andy Spurling for years of service on the board!

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Welcome new board member, Jennifer Wilson, Canada Homestay Network

Family Business Association (FBA) Vancouver Island

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Our Mission

To promote the sustainability and growth of Vancouver Island business families by providing education and support through

community and shared experience.

Our Vision

We are an engaged and supportive community of vibrant Vancouver Island business families and advisors who connect, share ideas and learn from each others’

unique experiences.

Our organization has been providing a community of support to family businesses on Vancouver Island since 1999. We help families in business succeed through shared experience, education and resources. FBAVI is where Canadian business families go to connect, grow and learn for sustainable success across generations.

Newsletter produced by Bernadine Rudichuk, Executive Director.

We welcome your comments and ideas for newsletter articles.

Contact us:

T. 250-532-2402