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Thursday 7/14/2022

Principals Message

July 14, 2022

Our summer is in full swing and that means a lot of planning and preparation for the 2022-2023 school year is underway. As you know, our building is currently under renovation. What an exciting time to be a third, fourth or fifth grader at Thurmont Elementary School! .

Our renovation project is making incredible progress as you can see from some of the pictures below. The project is on track and moving along at a lightning pace! Every room in the building will be addressed in the project in some way. There will even be some work done next summer on the roof and with air conditioning units. Please be on the lookout for a video tour of our building we will work to share with you before our open house. (See Dates below).

Our summer ELEVATE program is going well and we want to share a special thank you to the Thurmont Primary staff for providing us a summer home! Students in the program are getting a chance to continue to build their math and literacy skills and even have some fun along the way!

Here are a few key dates for you to know so please review the “Mark your Calendar” section of the newsletter! Summer will come to an end soon and we will be back demonstrating those Habits of Work and showing our ROAR behaviors. The first day of school is Wednesday August 17th! Our “new” doors will open at 8:10! I can’t wait!

Please be mindful of message sent to the TES community below in a FindOutFirst.

It has come to our attention that some children and adults have been walking through the TES parking lot(s) while our renovation project has been underway. This is unsafe as our school is an active construction / renovation site. There are heavy machinery moving, material deliveries, and work being done daily. Please refrain from walking through the TES property. Please also note that the building is closed for reasons above. The project is moving along as planned.

A R.O.A.R. Reminder for TES!

At TPS and TES, we will continue to talk with students about the characteristics of R.O.A.R and the role they play in making sure they live those characteristics every day.

R.O.A.R stands for Responsibility – Organized – Academic - Respectful. Can you #HearusROAR ?

To help further our work in developing our R.O.A.R characteristics, we also discuss the Habits of Work with our students. You will see a lot of information come home to you about these habits. The Habits of Work include: Perseverance, Self-Advocacy, Social Responsibility and Learner Agency. We will be working with students to help them understand the role they play in developing their skills and how they can demonstrate those habits. We ask them to think about how they persevered through a challenge? (Perseverance) Did they advocate for themselves to get help with something they did not fully understand (Self Advocacy)? Were they Socially responsible and communicated and cooperated with others (Social Responsibility) and did they demonstrate learner agency by being organized, staying focused and fixing their mistakes after they received feedback from teachers. (Learner Agency). Be sure to see the chat below. This will be what all students and staff use to discuss ROAR and the Habits of Work!

I know that moving forward, the students and families of this amazing school, will continue to do incredible things. We will help our young men and women grow as life-long learners and focus on all that make them such strong individuals. We will be committed to help students focus their learning, and grow as a reader, mathematician, writer, artist, musician, and so much more.

Yours in education,

Karl Williams


Thurmont Elementary

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  • TES and TPS Popsicles in the Park -Friday August 12th. 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Large Pavilion in the Thurmont Community Park. Come meet your teacher from TPS & TES.
  • TES Open House - Monday 8/15 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Building tour and find your classroom!
  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Wednesday 8/17. Doors open at 8:10.


COUGARS ROAR. Students enrolled in our summer Elevate Program enjoy a learning moment with a visiting "MAD Scientist"! Students in the summer Elevate program have had a chance to continue practicing math and literacy skills!

New Face at TES!

We would like to welcome Mrs. Jill Evans (Hood) to our TES staff. Mrs. Evans comes from Thurmont Primary school and will be teaching grade 4 next year. We are excited to have her join us and stay in the Thurmont community.
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LEXIA Core 5 - Phonics and Literacy Practice.

Students can access Lexia Core 5 at home to practice needed literacy skills. Lexia provides opportunities for students to work at their own pace through foundational skills, comprehension skills and vocabulary skills. Please be sure your child works independently to ensure the program adapts their individual skill level.

How can your child access Lexia Core5 at home?

  1. Log into a computer with the student’s FCPS username and password (student MUST be logged in as themselves): laptop, chromebook, desktop.
  2. Click student’s “FCPS Bookmarks tab” in left upper corner on toolbar
  3. Click “Clever portal” (Blue C)
  4. Click “Log in with Active Directory”
  5. Click the “Lexia Core 5” icon (Blue world)
  6. Students will begin with a warm-up.

Other Summer ELA Websites:


TEPS PTA News and Updates.

2022 - 2023 - TEPS PTA Board

  • President – Erin Goff
  • VP – Vacant - If you are interested, please see info below.
  • Secretary – Dana Marsh
  • Treasurer – Christy Donnelly

If you have not yet signed up to be a member of the TEPS PTA, we encourage you to do so by clicking the membership form below. The membership form and dues can be returned to school with your child.

Your membership provides a vote on ways to...

  • enhance the partnership between home and school
  • offer students access to special events/activities, cultural arts experiences & field trips
  • determine how funding will be used to support students, families & our schools

Contact tepscougars@gmail.com with questions, needs or to support in any way and please consider following the TEPS PTA on Facebook: TEPS PTA - Thurmont Elementary & Primary Schools.

Enrolling a student, Moving or Change of Address.

Enrolling students to FCPS, please go to FCPS.org or https://www.fcps.org/student-services/enrolling-a-student

Required enrollment documents:

  • Immunization Record
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • Proof of Residency
  • Parent Photo ID

The required enrollment documentation may be easily uploaded as part of the online enrollment process. Parents who are not able to upload the required enrollment documentation may return those items via US mail to your student’s enrollment building.

Address Change: Please provide a new proof of residency ( a copy of a property tax bill, gas bill, electric bill, water/sewer bill or a signed current lease/rental agreement, or cable bill).

Change in School: Please notify the front office as soon as you can if you are moving and changing schools for next year.

School Supply List.

Follow link to find any school supply list needed!