Tierra Helada

Frozen Land


It would be almost impossible to live in the Tierra Helada because it is the highest point in the Andes, and there is very little oxygen. Temperatures vary anywhere from 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate is cold and windy, and freezing at night. Also, because it is so high up in the Andes there is often snow fall. If you want to try and live here look up how the Quechua and the Aymara live.
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There is not much food that can be planted in Tierra Helada because of the high climate. What they can plant are quinoa, which is a type of grain native to the area, and certain types of potatoes.
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Because of the cold temperatures people must dress in very warm clothing. They often wear Alpaca and Llama wool because it is so warm.
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There's not much to do here, but you can help take care of the Llamas and alpacas they use for transporting many objects and they use their wool for clothing and blankets because it is so warm. You can also work in mines. In the dangerous mines you can find tin, lead, copper, and silver.