Superintendent's Corner

Avoca District 37 - February 13, 2023

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We Need Your Feedback
  • Spring 2023 Teacher Conferences - Survey
  • 5Essentials Survey
Portrait of a Graduate - Effective Communicators


  • SciOly Brings Home Hardware at Big Tourney

Black History Month

  • Reconstruction Education - Check It Out

Inspire Curiosity, Cultivate Academic Growth, Nurture Diversity

We Need Your Feedback

Spring 2023 Teacher Conferences Survey Please click here to share

your preferences regarding whether we should have fully remote teacher conferences or hybrid conferences where parents/guardians choose whether their appointment is in-person or remote. This survey closes Thursday, February 16.

5 Essentials Survey

Please click here to take the 5Essentials Survey about your experience with the District. This feedback is compiled by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) into a report that is included in each school's published state report card. Higher participation rates positively effect our report card.

Portrait of a Graduate - Effective Communicators

Our Portrait of a Graduate represents both our bedrock values and our vision for our community. The characteristics identified are those we want to each student to take into the world with them when they graduate. Holistically, any student living these values would be a successful person making a difference in the world.

Among the seven characteristics, one we want for our graduates is to be an Effective Communicator, someone whose "listening, speaking, and writing from a caring and critical perspective" empowers them to make a difference in their own lives and the larger world.

Examples of how we cultivate this quality abound, from the standard literacy we promote, to projects that require student presentations, to Amplify Avoca, to our Debate Club at Marie Murphy. By the time they graduate, Avoca District 37 students are well versed in what is required to be come an Effective Communicator. Please take the time to ask your student how they have learned to become an Effective Communicator and learn more.

Celebrations - SciOly at Mentor Invitational

The Mentor Invitational is one of the largest Science Olympiad tournaments in the country, including 42 teams from across the country and 5 nationally ranked teams.

Our Varsity Science Olympiad team finished in 2nd place, only 7 points behind the champions. And Marie Murphy is perennially among the smallest schools in every tournament it attends.

As SciOly returns to pre-COVID operations, it is clear that our team is well positioned to do well this year, entirely due to the dedicated teachers and parent/guardian coaches who are supporting our team members.

If you know a SciOly competitor or parent/guardian, make sure to congratulate them next time you see them.

Reconstruction Education - Check It Out

Reconstruction is a unique online education experience that attempts to fill in the gaps of the public education system in regards to learning about topics and histories specific Black Americans.

Your child does not have to be Black to enroll in these courses and the District cannot vouch for the quality of every course Reconstruction offers. But it is a unique site founded and developed by rigorous educators I know, and I encourage you to check it out if this is the type of educational access you want for your child.

It's another way to explore how Black History month is not just about February.

Click here for Reconstruction