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DEAR POET Project for Classrooms 5-12

Dear Poet Project and Information for Students' Writings

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"For National Poetry Month 2016, we present Dear Poet, a multimedia education project that invites young people in grades five through twelve to write letters in response to poems written and read by some of the award-winning poets who serve on the Academy of American Poets Board of Chancellors. And to help teachers bring Dear Poet to the classroom, we worked with a curriculum specialist to design a lesson plan, aligned with the Common Core."

National Poetry Month - Believe In the Beauty of Your Dreams

Teaching Poetry - My Two Cents!

Such confusion and misinformation exists around poetry! People think that they cannot possibly write a poem. They don't really understand poems and they don't want to appear vulnerable in trying to write their own.

All of these are worthy feelings that make me even more determined to allow poetry to happen in my work. Just look around! The world is often times a very scary place for kids (and teachers too!). Poverty, hunger, neglect, violence and homelessness are part of the world our children must face. Poetry can't fix that, but it can be the right thing to validate and express tender feelings that bubble to the surface. Also, the tender, sweet kindness can be revealed through words.

Reading poetry to children can instantly change the class environment. In sharing poems and writing poetry, students change the way they see themselves. Poets are born here at Cape Henlopen!

Click below to hear a Bronx 6th Grader explain her poetry.

Bronx 6th Grader Wows NYC Poetry Scene