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Park Village Elementary - A 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

September 25, 2020

Upcoming Events

09/30 -- Last day to order yearbooks with 10% discount

10/1 -- PTA Meeting 7:00pm

10/8 -- Reopening Community Forum 6:00pm

10/12 -- On campus learning begins

10/19-10/30 -- Book Fair

Go to https://app.peachjar.com/flyers/all/schools/52513 for PVES digital flyers

National Blue Ribbon School

Park Village Families,

I am proud to share the news that our school has been selected as an Exemplary High Performing National Blue Ribbon school for 2020. We are one of 367 schools in the nation and one of 36 in California (there are 5,887 public elementary schools in CA).

I am so proud of our teachers, staff, students and families. Working together, we continue to make Park Village Elementary School an exceptional place for learning and growth.

I am humbled to serve as principal for such an amazing learning community.

Congratulations Team PV!

Michael Mosgrove


Reopening Information (Updated 9/25)

As you are aware, PUSD announced that our school will be reopening for on campus learning beginning Monday, October 12th. Our students participating in the Virtual Learning Academy will continue without any changes.

For those of you who chose in-person learning, please note the following:

  • AM/PM Scheduling: We are in the process of finalizing AM/PM configurations to make sure siblings are in the same sessions. Detailed information will be shared by your classroom teachers by Tuesday 9/29.
  • PVES Reopening Plan: Our School Reopening plan for Learning, Health, and Safety (found on our website) is being revised to reflect the most up to date information (updated plan will be posted 10/1).
  • Schedules: Detailed scheduled will be provided by your child’s teacher.

9:00 am-11:35 am AM Session

11:35 am-12:35 pm Break Between Sessions

12:35 pm-3:10 pm PM Session

  • Arrival/Dismissal Times: We will send detailed arrival and dismissal procedures as our opening date approaches.
  • Meals: School meals will continue to be free to all PUSD students. Details about lunch will be provided as our opening date approaches.
  • Community Forum: We will host another community forum to discuss reopening details and to answer questions. Our meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 8th at 6:00 pm. More details will be coming soon.

Information Regarding AM/PM Configurations

  • Students in ESS will be placed in the AM session and will go directly to ESS after their in-person learning.
  • Every effort is being made to place siblings in the same AM or PM session.
  • Students receiving speech, OT, and RSP services are being grouped according to IEP needs as feasible.
  • After the considerations listed above, the remaining AM/PM session placements will be based upon class balancing and instructional considerations. Please note that all of our classroom rosters are impacted and, as a result, we are unable to accept parent requests for preference. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Preparing for Returning to School

Invest In Your Child - Park Village Foundation Golden Envelope Pledge Drive

by Kari Marshall, Treasurer, Park Village Foundation

Let's all do our part to keep PV a CA Distinguished School!

We all love to hear that Park Village Elementary is a top rated Elementary School in San Diego. It is not a coincidence. We need resources and effort. Our students are counting on you and need your donation. For the 2020-2021 school year, we need to raise $183,000 to continue providing the enriched curriculum that is no longer funded by the State.

  • Science with Mrs. Nellies

  • P.E.

  • Meet the Masters with Mrs. Hirst

  • Music

  • Field Trips

  • Assemblies

  • Books in the Library

  • Lexia Core 5

  • Reading Counts


  • Additional devices, equipment, teacher

    technology training beyond what is

    provided by the school district

  • Teachers’ CPR training (priceless!!)

  • Community Events throughout the year

These programs are made possible by your contributions.

Donate now!

Our pledge drive is ongoing! Our suggested Pledge Drive donation is $350 per student. We are encouraging ONLINE donations this year through our website: www.parkvillagefoundation.com/pledge-drive.

If you are unable to donate online, please email parkvillagefoundation@gmail.com for help.

Corporate Matching

Corporate matching may DOUBLE your gift. Employers such as Qualcomm, Northrop Grumman, Takeda, Intuit, Humana, Union Bank, Illumina, Microsoft and Pfizer have provided matching donations in previous years. Check with your Human Resources Department or click below to find out if your company provides corporate matching: https://ww2.matchinggifts.com/powayusd

Need More Reasons to Donate? -- Receive a Penguin Mask!

See this cute mask to the right? Want one for your student? All you have to do is donate to the foundation (see golden envelope pledge drive above), and each student you donate under receives one.


Yearbook - Best Discount Ends September 30

Order your Yearbook by September 30 to receive 10% off the regular price! Don't wait - this is the biggest discount and lowest price of the 2020-2021 year. Each yearbook comes with two free, custom pages. Plus, earn $5 for PV Foundation AND a tree is planted with every purchase.

FAQs: https://app.peachjar.com/flyers/1029156/schools/52513
Questions? Contact parkvillagyearbook@gmail.com

October 1st PTA Meeting

Hello Penguin Families. Please join us on Thursday, October 1 at 7pm for our first Zoom PTA meeting! We will be having a guest speaker! Dr. Colleen Kennedy will be speaking on the topic of childhood anxiety. Please email us at: pvpenguinspta@gmail.com for the Zoom link. We hope to see you there!

Save the Date: Online Book Fair 10/19-10/30

Mark your calendars and get ready for some fun! We are hosting an online book fair!

  • Quality, ultra-readable books! Our partner for this online book fair is Junior Library Guild. JLG is an elite book-selection service that until now has only been available to librarians. Over 40,000 new books for children and young adults are published annually and JLG only selects the top 3% for its collection. So, you KNOW these books are going to be good!

  • Safe & cash-free shopping! With health concerns and social-distancing requirements, this online fair is the perfect way for you to build your at-home library from the safety of your home. That means, no need to worry about cash transactions OR germs!

  • Direct-to-home delivery! Every purchase from our online book fair will be delivered straight to your door. You can also shop teacher wish lists and those books will be shipped directly to their classrooms. Easy peasy!

  • Affordable selections! Most books in our online fair will be hardcover, first-edition books with library-quality binding. Prices start as low as $5/book—and shipping is FREE for all orders over $30.

  • Supports our school! Our library receives a percentage of every book fair purchase, and we can use these funds raised as JLG credit to add more quality books to our collection or receive funds in cash for other needs. Your support is so appreciated!

    Keep an eye out for more information about our online JLG@Home Book Fair. Thank you in advance for supporting Park Village Elementary and helping us put quality books in the hands of your young readers!

Counselor Corner-October 2020

The Amazing Power of Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand what others feel and to express that understanding in a caring way. It is considered the social emotion because it brings a sense of emotional connection to others.

Our brain is a powerful and amazing organ. It protects and helps us to function in many different ways. We can take advantage of that when we understand what some of the different parts do. The prefrontal cortex is where reasoning, logic, sequential thinking and awareness of the consequences of our actions take place. This is where learning takes place. When we are in a strong emotion (fear, anger, frustration or anxiety – these actually protect us and keep us safe) we shift to a part of the brain called the Amygdala. This part of the brain is all strong feelings. When kids are in this part of the brain, learning is unlikely to take place.

At this time in our lives, with so much going on in the world, our children (as well as the adults) can experience a lot of fear, anxiety, and frustration. All the uncertainties, changes and unknowns make it more difficult for them to learn. When we use empathy to help our kids shift back to their prefrontal cortex, they will be able to practice the behaviors which are helpful for them to be more successful and happier.

Some examples of using empathy, when our children are upset, might include:

  • “Wow! That must be hard.”

  • “Oh, that’s never good.”

  • “How sad.”

  • “What a bummer.”

  • “You sound frustrated (angry, worried, etc.)”

Keep it simple. It’s OK to reuse the same statement. When your child thinks that you understand what he/she is experiencing, it will automatically help him or her to shift to more functional thinking and coping skills. (It works for adults too.) Practice this skill. Once you get it down, you will experience less drama from those around you.

Only after kids are in the thinking part of their brain might we add something in the way of problem solving the present situation or ask “Would you like to know what other kids might do in this situation?” They might come back to it later, break it into smaller parts or get help from an adult, etc.

Happy Parenting,

Jackie Cardinale and Molly Engblom, School Counselors at Park Village Elementary School


Here are two great read aloud stories to watch with your child!

Stand in My Shoes by Bob Sorenson (read aloud)


Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak, Ph.D. (read aloud)

Please visit the PUSD Caring Connections website for the parent education workshops that will be coming up this school year. Parents can view and enroll in the courses they are interested in!

*NEW THIS YEAR: We created a Park Village~Counselor Calm Down Corner. Click on the links for more resources and to request an appointment with a school counselor.


Searching for Friends of the Foundation

Many of you might know of, or have a personal relationship with a business that might like to partner with Park Village Elementary as a Friend of the Foundation. Our organization depends on tax-deductible donations from community members for support. Friends of the Foundation help ensure our ability to continue the programs currently in place, and help us reach our additional goals for this year, and beyond. Every dollar donated goes directly to our students’ education! Our Friends of the Foundation Program offers two monetary donation levels, each with increasing benefits. Of course, donations of any amount are accepted and appreciated! Please send an email to Jim Buchmiller, jcbuchmiller@san.rr.com with your ideas. Thank You!

FREE GRAB-AND-GO MEALS Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch Distribution 7:00 AM TO 8:30 AM & 11:00 AM TO 1:00 PM

Curbside Meal Service – Walk Ins Welcome

*Available for all students enrolled in PUSD and any PUSD Transition student up to age 22

NOTE: Only one breakfast and lunch meal per eligible student per school day.

No ID is required for PUSD students. Parents are encouraged to bring their child with them to pick up meals. Parents may pick up meals without a child but must present one of the following items: Student ID number, student ID card, or an official letter/email from the school listing the child enrolled at a PUSD campus.

Meals will be available at these school sites

  • Del Norte High School (16601 Nighthawk Lane, San Diego, CA 92127)

  • Los Penasquitos Elementary School (14125 Cuca St., San Diego CA 92129)

  • Meadowbrook Middle School (12320 Meadowbrook Lane, Poway, CA 92064)

  • Midland Elementary School (13910 Midland Road, Poway, CA 92064)

  • Mt. Carmel High School (9550 Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92129)

  • Pomerado Elementary School (12321 Ninth Street, Poway CA 92064)

  • Poway High School (5500 Espola Rd, Poway, CA 92064)

  • Rancho Bernardo High School (13010 Paseo Lucido, San Diego CA 92128)

  • Turtleback Elementary School (15855 Turtleback Road, San Diego CA 92127)

  • Twin Peaks Middle School (14640 Tierra Bonita Road, Poway, CA 92064)

  • Valley Elementary School (13000 Bowron Rd, Poway, CA 92064)

  • Westview High School (13500 Camino Del Sur, San Diego, CA 92129)

PTA Reflections Program 2020

by Jennifer Myers, Reflections Chair

Calling All Creative Kids! This year’s Reflections theme is “I matter because...”

This year is will be digital to limit contact. You can enter all your info and upload the entry with the link below.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

Artwork will need to be carefully photographed or scanned.

Entries will be due by 9pm, October 16th.

Entries will be displayed in a digital gallery. As dance choreography and film pieces are likely to have images of students, there is the option to opt out of the digital gallery. I will reach out to parents individually as needed on this issue.

Rules by Category and Student packets can be downloaded at:


Please note the student packets on this site will include an entry form. Please do NOT use this form, you will need to enter online.

Ask your child to think about the theme and talk about what it means to them. The thought process behind the entries is as important as the how well the creative works are executed.

Brainstorming Starting Points:

I matter to someone/something? I matter to a family member, pet, friend, an organization...

I matter to my grandma because we play checkers every Sunday, or I matter to my dog because I take him on walks and feed him

I matter because I make my school/city/world a better place? How?

I matter because my girl scout troop helps clean up beaches.

I matter because I will grow up to do great things...

I matter because I read books about science and I want to cure diseases.

I matter because I am part of a generation that will...

I matter because my generation and I will take the steps to slow global warming.

I matter because of my actions...

I matter because I wear a mask to help slow the spread of COVID19 and other diseases.

I matter because I care about...

I matter because I care about why people are protesting in our streets.

Let your child get creative and have fun! They can create a piece of artwork or short film, take a photo, choreograph a dance, and/or write a song or story that captures the theme in their own unique way!

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer at info@artskiddoo.com

Box Tops for Education

BOX TOPS has transitioned to digital submission! It's now easier than ever to earn money for our school. Download the app, scan your receipt, and your earnings will instantly show up in the PVE account.


  • The new method of submitting Box Tops is to scan your receipt via a downloadable app. The new style Box Tops will say "SCAN" and may only be submitted this way.
  • You have 14 days to scan your receipt otherwise, it becomes invalid.
  • Please watch the "how to" video below for more information & instructions.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh94b2BvFK4

We will be having competitions as the year goes on. Here's how to start:

1. Download the app.

2. Scan your receipt every time you go to a grocery store. You don't even have to check to see if you bought anything that is Box Tops. Just get in the habit of scanning after every grocery trip. The app will tell you if you earned box tops for your school.

3. At the bottom of the app, find the "star" and enter your teacher's name for credit for your class.

Contact Box Tops Chair, Cheryl Sifferlen, at sifferlens@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Shop at Amazon and Earn Money for PV

Did you know you can support PV all year long with as little as a mouse click? Use our link to Amazon every time you make a purchase so our school can receive a cash-back percentage of your total order. Better yet, bookmark our Amazon link and use it as you buy those needed last minute back-to-school items, holiday gifts, and more. It’s a win-win! Plus, if you designate “Park Village Elementary Education Foundation” as the charity for AmazonSmile, you earn an additional 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases for PV Foundation. https://smile.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&tag=wwwpveefcom-20


Reporting Absences

If your child will be absent for the entire day (unable to attend Zoom meetings, log on to Canvas, and complete assignments), please remember to call the attendance hotline at (858) 538-0437.

If you are having technical difficulties and need tech help

Visit Parent Resources on powayusd.com should you need assistance. The "Parent Academy" and "Parent Resources" sections have overviews/tutorials for the digital tools being used, help with online access, parent education classes, and more. For quick reference, should you need help with accessing PUSD online information, please e-mail the PUSD Help Desk: pusdithelp@powayusd.com. If you need help with your child's account information, please visit password.powayusd.com.

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