Hydroelectric Energy

by Lindsoe Kate and Kwiat Claire

Where is the resource found?

Hydroelectric power plants are found by rivers, waterfalls, dam's, and other water sources. The water is the source that makes everything run right without the water the power plant wouldn't make any electricity.
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How is the resource formed?

Hydroelectricity is formed when water goes through the Hydroelectric dam's intake,then goes through the Penstock which turns a turbine that turbine creates electricity and that electricity is sent to the generator, then the electricity goes through the power house then finally goes to the power lines to our houses.
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How is the resource used?

Hydroelectricity can be used to power many things including microwaves, washing machines, ovens, toasters, etc. Hydroelectricity is used just like any other electricity except like solar and wind energy it is a renewable resource meaning that the source is replaced as fast or faster than it is being used.
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What are some cool facts about Hydroelectricity?

We have been using hydro power for over a 100 years, about 7% of our electricity comes from Hydroelectricity, Hydroelectricity is the largest source of renewable power.

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What is one innovative alternative energy form you discovered?

Solar energy is one innovative alternative for hydro power because hydroelectric power plants can hurt the ecosystem in the water but with solar power nothing gets hurt. Also, with solar panels you don't have to pay an electric bill because they pay you for getting the energy.
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