Tech Tuesdays & Thursdays at Rees


Tuesday 1/19/16: Plickers & Kahoot

Do you have to review for a test and want to make it fun? Then, join us as we discover this technology tool that will make your students love review questions. If you only have one device in your classroom (even your own), Plickers is for you. If you have more than one, then Kahoot will work. Both apps offer a test-like format with multiple choice/open ended response questions that will keep your students engaged while you review content in an interactive way.
How to Use Kahoot! In the Classroom

Thursday 1/21/2016: YouTube Channel

Come and join us in customizing your YouTube Account. In this session, you will explore how YouTube benefits you as a teacher and your students. Learn how to add or create to your playlist to save and categorize your favorite videos.
How To Make A Youtube Channel 2015

Tuesday 1/26/2016: Popplet

"...Popplet helps students think and learn visually. Students can capture facts, thoughts, and images and learn how to create relationships between them." Learn how to incorporate thinking maps by using Popplet. Popplet can be used across content areas and grade levels.

Thursday: 1/28/2016: Chrome Extensions

Not enough time in the day? Chrome Extensions will enhance your Google Chrome experience and add ease to your teaching day. Adding certain extensions will add features and functionality. A URL shortener and a screen shot tool are just two of the extensions that will be covered in this session.
How To Install and Remove Google Chrome Extensions - Google Chrome Tutorial


Tuesday: 2/09/2016: Explain Everything

Have you heard the best why to learn something is to teach it? Explain Everything is an App that allows students to be the teachers. This App is a screen casting App that lets you annotate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. It can be used with ease by teachers and students in all content areas.
iPad Tutorial 01 - Explain Everything

Thursday: 2/11/2016: Padlet

Come and learn how to use this "virtual wall" to get students interacting with technology. Padlet is a place where students can express their thoughts and gives instant feedback. It is a great tool used for engagement to include all students in your classroom.
What is a Padlet?

Tuesday: 2/16/2016: Book Creator

Do you need a new innovative way to successfully teach Writing, while keeping students engaged? Book Creator is an App where students can create a finished product. You will learn about the variety of tools that this App has to offer.
Book Creator The simple way to create beautiful books on the iPad2

Thursday: 2/18/2016: Skitch

Skitch is a drawing application where you can take a photograph and write directly on it. You can use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation. You can also use it more like a whiteboard as a drawing tool. Skitch is available on most devices.

Consider trying out one of the following ideas in your classroom:
  • Math: Practice computational skills, solve word problems, and draw geometric shapes and label vertices.
  • Science: Annotate photos to label parts of a plant or create diagrams for food chain.
  • ELD: Use photos and label to help English Language Learners become familiar with common English vocabulary.
Skitch 2.0


Tuesday: 03/08/2016: Donor's Choose

Would you like some new materials for your classroom? Could you organize your room with handy organizers? New materials for any subjects are at your typing and persuading grasp. Materials for any subject such as beakers, a hot plate, lab coats, safety googles, and or even a set of leveled readers can be yours. Come to this PD and I will show you how to easily create a Donor’s Choose Grant.

How It Works -

Thursday: 03/10/2016: Twitter

Join me in setting up your Twitter account as a Professional Learning Network. Following the right people and organizations will help you stay current with what is happening in education. Twitter allows you to create your own network of colleagues to share ideas and strategies together. We'll create lists to keep your "Following" organized and we'll practice "blocking" unwanted "Followers."
Why Use Twitter in the Classroom