Waning Whales

Krish 5D

About the orca

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This is a picture of a Killer Whale interacting with its ecosystem. It lives underwater and breathes air making it a mammal.

Killer Whale Food Web

The killer whale food web starts with the sun because that's where the phytoplankton gets its energy from. The phytoplankton provides energy for the krill and the cod. Those two consumers provide energy for the salmon and penguin. The penguin and salmon provide energy for the seal. Next, the seal provides energy for the killer whale. Finally the decomposer,the fungus releases the nutrients from the killer whale back into the ocean. Then this cycle repeats all over again.
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Killer Whale Food Chain

The Killer Whale food chain starts with the sun which is where the energy goes to the phytoplankton, the producer. Next the krill ,the herbivore eats the phytoplankton. After the salmon ,the second level omnivore eats the krill. Which the penguin, the third level carnivore, eats the salmon. Then the Orca, the forth level carnivore eats the penguin. Finally the algae which is the decomposer decomposes the nutrients from the Orca back into the ocean.
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Abiotic and Biotic factors

The ecosystem or habitat of the killer whale is the ocean. They live in all 5 of the oceans. The biotic factors of the killer whale are seals,blue whales,Sharks, turtles,fish, and squid. The abiotic factors of the killer whale are water,sunlight and air.

Over population of a Killer Whale

If there were too many killer whales what would happen? The prey of the Killer whale would disappear due to the fact that there are too many whales. Since all the prey disappeared the producers increase. Now there is no food for the killer whale to eat. The whales die of starvation. Next the fungus releases all the nutrients back into the ocean. Finally, the ocean will be overloaded with phytoplankton which will mean that the ocean would not be fresh and clean. We do not want that to happen.

Under population of a Killer Whale

What would happen if there were to little Killer Whales? First the prey would overpopulate meaning the producer which is the phytoplankton would decrease. Then the prey would starve to death followed by the whales due to lack of food. Finally the ocean would be full of fungi which do not want.

Hunting Killer Whales

According to my research, hunting Killer Whales are a big NO!!! I think this because hunting them will decrease the population. Also, if you like the beach you would definitely go against hunting these whales. Here is why, due to the lack of Killer Whales the ocean will be full of fungi which will mean the ocean would be very dirty. There are people already hunting them , lets not hunt any more or you will face the concequences!