Hispanic Culture

Zuyisa Yang

Right now there is about 10.5 million Hispanic/Latino children in the world. They are the fastest growing youth population and according to studies, in 2020 one in five children will be Hispanic/Latino origin.

Early Life of Hispanic Children

Cultural Characteristics

Many Hispanic children were taught to not trust European Americans. That they should be scared of them, but many children didn't fear the European Americans.

Selected Characteristics

Children were taught to restrain there emotions especially anger and frustration. They were also taught to avoid eye contact when listening or talking to authority figures. They would rather cooperate and help each other out then go against each other competitively.


Family Values

In families, many of them live with grandparents or live nearby them. They visit each other often and they put family first before their own concerns. The father is the head of the family, the mother is responsible for taking care of the home. While the rest of the family helps out each other in tough times.
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Day of the Dead

One of the most widely celebrated tradition in the Hispanic culture is Day of the Dead. This tradition happens on November 2 every year. This tradition celebrates loved ones who have passed away. Many people will go and decorate their loved one's grave with fruits and flowers. Even though it is celebrating people who have passed away, it is a very festive tradition.
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Quince Años

Quince Años is a tradition when girls enter womanhood. This tradition starts when a girl turns 16. On this day, the girl wears a very elegant dress and dances with their father or oldest brother.