Tech Tuesday SHS

May 17, 2016

Tech Tools for the Classroom

A few awesome tools to look into for daily instruction! If you use videos in your classroom this tool if for you!! It allows you to insert questions at certain points in the video, makes the video lesson interactive, even keeps the kids from moving on until they answer. Username is done with the students' google accounts. Very user friendly! Just like Kahoot! only students see the questions, at random if chosen, on their own device. Has a homework mode and tons of quizzes already made! We know this site as the virtual flash card and quiz creator. Now, try quizlet live. It is exciting, engaging, and a great tool for vocabulary. Quizlet live places the kids into groups and they each individually receive answer choices to match the questions. Is the answer in their hand or their partners? See an explanation here!

See it in a classroom here!

Where is Mrs. Shepherd?

  • Monday & Friday AM - central office and SEarCH
  • Tuesday-Thursday - High School Room 263
  • Monday & Friday PM - High School Room 263

Over the next week or so, you may see me bouncing from class to class to observe. I'm trying to learn the school and what technology we have! This is non-evaluative and I'll do my best not to interrupt class time! :)

What's her job?? The DIF??

Digital Instructional Facilitator, also know as an Instructional Technology Facilitator

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Tools for The Teacher

At this time of year things are hectic and crazy for the teacher - meetings, testing, schedules - Why not use a few tools to help keep your cool!

Powtoon through Google Apps - this is an awesome new twist on how you present information to your students! Check it out! The link leads to a video created by powtoon about powtoon. :) See a few easy ways to use it here! are you overwhelmed with website links? I get tons of them but I'm able to keep them organized and access them from anywhere with this website. Very cool for the growing teacher!

Contact Me!!

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