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By: Ali Dada And Edwin Sanchez Published In 1544

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Mansa Musa

A compelling Malian explorer that explore Mecca, Saudi Arabia from 1324-1325. He was also the King of the Malian Empire and his net worth is four hundred billion dollars.

Feature Story: Exclusive Interview With Mansa Musa

Ali: Today’s feature story will be an interview with the legend Mansa Musa.

Mansa Musa: Oh! Thanks for the title! Legend! I love it!

Ali: I can call you legend whenever, but let's get down to business! Shall we?

Mansa Musa: Indeed!

Ali: My first question is what did you take the new land or Mecca.

Mansa Musa: To donate is all I intend to do as a result I brought a large amount of gold with me. If I were to see any poor folks, I would donate the gold to them. I needed help whilst my pilgrimage, so I brought a few people. When I say a few, I mean sixty-thousand men. While I was walking I needed some type of support, so I brought along a gold staff. During my pilgrimage to Mecca I needed somewhere to pray on Jummah, and I don’t like praying outside. As a result, I brought all the materials that made up a mosque which is wood, marble and glass. The men I brought along with me made Mosque for me every Friday.

Ali: That is astonishing I can infer from my knowledge that you are in great wealth and successful. My final question to you is did your pilgrimage to Mecca cause any enduring impacts?

Mansa Musa: In my eyes I think my trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia has many enduring impacts due a numerous amount of things. When I went to Mecca, Saudi Arabia I brought back many Islamic scholars and architects. As a result, many Madras and Mosques were built, and there was an uprising in Islam in my Empire. Famous mosques such as the Great Mosque of Djenne were built.

Ali: Thank you very much for allowing me to interview you Mr. Musa! May peace be upon you!

Mansa Musa: May peace be upon you too!

Breaking News! Christopher Columbus Has Been Exposed!

On this day January 14th, 1505 it has been revealed Christopher Columbus just wants to rape, kill and enslave innocent Native Americans. Yes, the man whom went on three voyages to North America, and brought back hammocks, pineapples, turkey and tobacco for Europe. This claim comes from the Native Americans of Hispaniola, Venezuela, Bahamas, Cuba and Trinidad claim that Christopher Columbus and his comrades killed, raped and enslaved their people! If this is the truth, that means Christopher Columbus is a maniac not a hero. Do you believe these Native Americans?
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Another Explorer Exposed? Sir Francis Drake Is A Slave Trader! Never Play Yourself! Exclusive interview with Sir Francis Drake.

Edwin: The man who just explored California for the British Empire is allowing me to interview him. Welcome the one and only Sir Francis Drake. How are you?

Sir Francis Drake: It's all good in da hood! You?

Edwin: Just chillin', but this is about you! Please excuse me to ask you my first question

Sir Francis Drake: You're excused.

Edwin: What thing did you bring along whilst your voyage?

Sir Francis Drake: As an explore, my passion has always been boating. Of course if you want to travel by water you must have a boat, so I brought my boats of Mohan. Next question please.

Edwin: Umm... that was a fairly quick answer you sure you didn't bring anything else.

Sir Francis Drake: Shut up! Be glad I even answered!

Edwin: Ok... my next question is did you encounter any othe people whilst you were in California.

Sir Francis Drake: Yes, I encountered a numerous amount of Indians. They called themselves the Indians of Nova Albion, and they were no Christian. As a result, I taught them the teaching of the Protestant English Church. Next question please.

Edwin: I've decided that you have most likely brought more things along with you on your voyage then just boats. Is there something you're holding back?

Sir Francis Drake: At home back in England it is not uncommon to be a slave trader, and I happen to be a slave trader. Since I am a privateer, I needed help. As a result, I brought African slaves on my voyage.

Edwin: That is astonishing! What else did you take?

Sir Francis Drake: I brought my cousin John Hawkins, food and water. I want to leave right this instant because I don't feel comfortable.

Edwin: It is disappointing that you are a slave trad-

Sir Francis Drake: SHUT UP!

A Tribute To The Brave, Independent And Reliable Giovanni da Verrazzano!

Ali: On this day February 26th, 1528 Giovanni da Verrazzano passed away, and was eaten by cannibals that were natives of one of the Lower Antilles. As a tribute to this man whom charted the Atlantic coast of North America between the Carolinas and Newfoundland, including New York Harbor in 1524. I shall show you an interview that took place three days before this tragic incident occurred, and the interviewer is Edwin Sanchez.

February 23rd, 1528

Edwin: Hello Giovanni da Verrazzano! How are you?

Giovanni da Verrazzano: I happen to be perfectly fine! You?

Edwin: I am also perfectly fine!

Giovanni da Verrazzano: Good!

Edwin: Okay let’s get down to business! My first question is why did you decide to explore the New World in the first place?

Giovanni da Verrazzano: Boating interests me, as a result I requested to explore the New World, and the French King Francis I allowed me. The mission was to find gold, silver and precious stones from the new world, and I was to expand Catholicism. Also, King Francis I wanted to make the Italian Empire larger, and if you want to achieve this you must conquer other land or find unknown land which we did.

Edwin: That is certainly a good reason to explore! I have another question.

Giovanni da Verrazzano: Go ahead!

Edwin: What items did you take on your voyage to the New World:

Giovanni da Verrazzano: When I went on my voyage to the New World I brought a numerous amount of thing such as ammunition and cannons. I needed to protect myself from the natives of North America, so I decided cannons and gunpowder would do. I also brought boats that many people are familiar with, and their names are Normanda, Santa Maria and Vittoria. In the boats we had lifeboats just in case an unexpected emergency occurred. I also brought scientific equipment and provisions to last eight months.

Edwin: Thank you very much to be willing to allowing me to interview you! Bye!

Giovanni da Verrazzano: Bye!

February 26th, 2016

Ali: Giovanni da Verrazzano is a great man, and our prayers go out to him! Read next week’s edition please!

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If You Do Not Read This Travel Tip, You Are Just Playing Yourself!

If you are in North America, stay away from the Lower Antilles area. Although North America is fairly large, you should still be aware of the possibilities of coming across this area. You may be asking what is so dangerous about the Lower Antilles, so I will answer. On this day February 26th, 1528 being killed and eaten alive by Native Americans of the Lower Antilles. To kill is all these blood thirsty Native Americans want to do, and this message comes from the bottom of my heart. Stay away from these vicious men, and if you continue to read I shall guide you to stay away from these vicious men.

First of all you need the tools Giovanni da Verrazzano used to get to the Lower Antilles. One of the tools he used was the map, and the map is important to have to stay away from this certain area. Maps are important because without it you wouldn’t be able to locate this area. Another tool Giovanni da Verrazzano used to locate the Lower Antilles was the compass. The compass is important because it is used to determine the direction the location is. If you use both navigation tools, you should be able to locate the Lower Antilles. Cross out that spot of the map, and ban your family and yourself to ever come across that land. I hope you learned to stay away from the Lower Antilles.