Departing to Yemen

departing June 18, 2014

What u will want to pack

Your uniform and military equipment. Men need to pack white robes and a jacket, who men need to bring a long skirt a headdress and dark sunglasses. You might also want to pack some fresh water.

How to act

Yemen has very strict rules and severe penalties

1, never make eye contact with a women

2, don't physically touch somebody in public

3, never insult, or talk back to a higher rank

What to eat and what not to eat

You will want to stick to busy reset rounds and eat popular well known dishes there. Do not eat things people offer to on the streets or unusual animals that we do not eat in America.

Religious events

We are deploying during there holiday Eid al Adha

During Eid al Adha animals and people are sacrificed, for the remembrance of Abraham almost sacrificing Ishmael to God.