Milky Way Galaxy

By:Lizzy B.


The Milky Way Galaxy has billions of stars that contain our solar system. The Milky Way is 13.2 billion years old, has 200-400 billion stars. It is a spiral galaxy and is 100,00 light-years across. It is home to many planets, a fun fact about our Galaxy is that it has a "heart" that is made up of gas, dust, and stars. There are seven places in the U.S. that you can see the Milky Way very clearly and the closest state to us is Pennsylvania.
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The Milk Way was formed after The Big Bang, when the world was made up of small particles and radiation. No one knows what happened next, some think that the Universe made matter that later formed into Galaxies. While others thinks the small particles combined into stars, then star cluster and eventually Galaxies. The shape of the Galaxy was made by The Milky Way colliding with The Andromeda Galaxy.

The Milky Way is very interesting, here are some facts. More than half of the stars are 4.5 billion years old, and the most common star is the Red Dwarf. There is a black hole inside the Milky way that is measured at 2.6 million suns. It moves at a velocity of 552 Kilometers per second (which is 342 miles per second). Astronomers believe that The Milky Way and The Andromeda Galaxy will collide in about 5 billion years.

Galaxy Formation

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The Milky Way Galaxy seen from Earth: Time-Lapse


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