National Debt and Social Security

Jesus Ramos

National Debt

Currently the National debt is $19.1 Trillion Dollars. Since 2012, the national debt has risen over $4 Trillion dollars. Why? Because, the government keeps on borrowing and spending money that it doesn't have. The country that we're most in debt with is China. However, we are in debt mainly with our own selves.

Social Security

If we continue to keep spending money that we don't have, then the government is going to have to take money from Social Security. That money will no longer be seen by future generations, even though we are the ones that are paying towards social security. We should at least be guaranteed that we will see that money. The money for us and our children.

Probable Solution

A possible solution to this problem is for the government to stop spending and borrowing money that isn't necessary. We need to only spend and borrow money that we need such as educational purposes or a way to create new jobs. This way the government doesn't need to grab money from the social security money and that way us and our children will see that money some how.


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