Dare to Dream

It's a time for you to shape yourself


Hello.I am Celine ,the project manager of Dare to Dream in AIESEC Jilin University in mainland of China,which project you’ve applied.

I am writing to hope you to reply us as soon as possible for your convenience.

Besides,I want to headline the unique and unforgettable aspects compared with other educational projects once more.

First,it's the oppotunity for you to experience different culture between city and village.It' also the oppotunity to make the difference to the educational system.

You will teach the students in both city and village.

Second,we have more kinds of local volunteers to assist you with this project.In detail,we OC may recruit the local volunteers at very different ages.They are friendly and you can make friends with them nice people. So as the consequence,you will got more unique experiences by the communicating with the volunteers at the very different age.

Last but not least,our OC team are very passionate,which means that we will add many unique and energetic ideas in the project and we will be more easy to adopt new things.

Below is our match manager's contact.