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Save Your Online Favorites in Symbaloo!

Symbaloo allows you to visually save and organize all of your favorite websites in one place. It's a great way to provide a "one-stop-shop" for students!

Getting Started

  • Go to Symbaloo.
  • Create a free account.
  • Create a new symbaloo page or search others to use or to edit and make your own.
  • Tip: Each tab is its own Symbaloo page in your account. You can set access levels for each tab (so one could be for students, one for your professional resources that you share with your PLC, and one for your personal favorites).
  • Tip: Symbaloo will let you group tiles (the individual links) by type - it creates a color-coded background to keep you and your students organized.
  • Want to get started? Use this Symbaloo webmix to watch short video tutorials to guide you through each step!
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How Do I Use This in My Classroom?

  • Embed your Symbaloo on your Canvas homepage as a quick link to class resources.
  • Create a reading Symbaloo for kids who need to read but never have anything!
  • Have a webmix specifically for parents - county sites, resources for your class
  • Resources for a specific lesson or unit - research, labs, novels
  • Make one a webquest

Need More Information? Ask Your Media Specialist!