Leo Hirshfeld

the true story

Do you know who Leo Hirshfeld is?He is the inventor of the tootsie roll.Let me tell you about him.

Where and when was he born?When did he die?

Leo Hirshfeld was born February 14th 1869 in Australia.He died in 1928,May at age 56.

His family

Leo Hirshfeld's family was Victor Leon and Eugenie Hirshfeld,his older brothers/his parents were Herman Hirshfeld and Valentine Baum.He married Carrie Hirshfeld.Hehad a dughter named Clara Hirshfeld.

What is he known for and how he helped our society

Leo Hirshfeld is known for the tootsie roll.A tootsie roll is a chocolate taffy kind of candy.They are very chewy and they melt in youre mouth. leo hirshfeld helped the society by making the tootsie roll.If we had no tootsie roll we'd have no taffy chocolate!

Fun facts

Did you know..

  • He was an Australian imagrant
  • He named the tootsie roll after his duaghter's nickname "tootsie"
  • He went to the university of vienne
  • He made 2 kinds of tootsie rolls,the log and the short
  • He was also a stage director,librettist,and a writer
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