BCS Inclement Weather Preparations

Nov. 10: Pointers from Suzy Snowflake

BCS Parents/Caregivers and Staff:

It's that time of year again. Time to trade in our warm weather gear and prepare for cooler temperatures. We know inclement weather is on the way which could mean early dismissals, delays and cancellations for Berkeley County Schools.

Here's some good news! The BCS school community will observe 5 snow days. The first 5 snow days missed due to inclement weather will not be made up using the equivalent time option and will not require additional instructional days to be added to the school calendar.

INCLEMENT WEATHER DAYS 6-10: On inclement weather days 6-10, BCS will observe remote learning with teachers providing direct instruction online following the normal school schedule. (Watch for schedule details from your school).

INCLEMENT WEATHER DAYS 11+: If schools are closed for more than 10 days, this will require that lost instructional time be made up using other designated dates in the school calendar. Possible days that could be used include Spring Break (April 10-14) or additional days may be added after students last day of May 26, 2023.

How will I know school status?


So how will you know the status of Berkeley County Schools?

We're glad you asked! Below are a number of tools to help you explore the decision making process and communication channels used to share school status updates to the BCS community. Be sure to follow the official BCS social accounts for weather delays & cancelations.

TIP: Be sure to create a contingency plan for your student and family in case schools are closed or dismissed early. Please be sure to monitor more than one media source for school status in Berkeley County. No one source is foolproof.

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This newsletter is a publication of the Berkeley County Schools' Communications Office on Thursday, November 10, 2022.