Martin / Gentry Newsletter

May 2 - 6

What's Going On?

  • April 29: Daddy / Daughter Dance at NBH High School
  • May 5: Tony Melendez Concert during school
  • May 5: Culture Day here at school
  • May 6: It is not a Spirit Day, but Snocones will be sold!
  • May 11: End of the Year Math MAP Testing (Mrs. Gentry)
  • May 12: End of the Year Science MAP Testing (Mrs. Gentry)
  • May 16: End of the Year ELA MAP Testing (Mrs. Martin)
  • May 25 - 27: Space Camp
  • May 31: Field Day (More information will be coming soon!)
  • June 2: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Early Release Day :)


This week we will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions! We did this at the beginning of the year so this is just a review. :)
Prodigy Math Games **Click Here**

Look in your planner for login information.

Math Website (Pearson Realize) **Click Here**

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  • TIMS Lab

  • Copy Unit 9 Vocabulary in Science Notebook (environment, ecosystem, pollution, conservation, extinction)
  • Begin Reading Unit 9 Lesson 1 (How Do Environmental Changes Affect Organisms?)


  • Finish Reading Unit 9 Lesson 1. Homework = pages 406 - 410


  • We will have a different schedule due to the Tony Melendez concert and we will participate in Culture Day.


  • Review

We were able to go to Mrs. Christie's room and hold baby chicks! Pictures are posted below! :)

Science Website (ThinkCentral) **Click Here**

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ELA / Reading

Spelling: contest, content, protest, combat, permits, rebel, present, insert, desert, subject, minute, compact, conduct, contract, refuse, conflict, research, excuse, entrance, extract


  • Pronoun-Verb Agreement (Quiz on Tuesday)
  • Possessive Pronouns (Quiz on Friday)

Wonders Reading Complete Unit 4 Week 3

Skills and strategies for Unit 4 Week 3 can be located in the Reading/Writing Workshop (pp.262-273), Literature Anthology book (pp. 298-315), and the Your Turn Practice Book (pp.171-178). These resources can be accessed on the Connected website. (**See Below)

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Comprehension Skill: Author's Point of View

Genre: Biography

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes and Suffixes

Spelling Test-Friday

Vocabulary Quiz-Friday

Grammar Quiz-Friday

Unit 4 Week 2 Cold Read-Friday

ELA / Social Studies Website (Connected) **Click Here**

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Social Studies

Unit 5 Lesson 4: "A Nation is Born" (Quiz on Thursday)

Continue working on Revolutionary War ABC book. This will be a summative grade. The students were given the instructions on April 14th. Due date is May 9th.