Davids Anime Party!!!

David Neths party

Davids anime party

Monday, Feb. 15th 2016 at 4-10:30pm

Elizabeth Dr

Bonnyrigg, NSW

Dress up in your best anime costume

You will have the best time of your life if you come.

Do not be afraid to come. You can bring your friends and family.

Have the best time of your life and do anything you want except the things I tell you not to do.
People arrive at 4:00, bring the people to the food table and collect the presents they give me, we all go to my room so they can see what it looks like and also to put my presents away, we all go outside to play some games, while my friends are playing I get them some drinks, after we all play it is time for cake, after cake we all watch a movie and play some board games then at 10:00 everyone goes home.