African Elephant!

By: Trevor Hollie


A African Elephant is the largest land animal! Its ears cover their neck and shoulders. Their feet have 4 or 5 toes. These Elephants bathe in mud so they may look brownish. African Elephants have rough/tough skin. Their trunk is very muscular. The Elephants tusks are made of Ivory. African Elephant stand more than 11 feet tall.

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African Elephants eat grasses all across the savanna.They eat some vegetables. The elephants rarely eat sugar can and fruits.

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African Elephants live South of the Sahara desert.Also the elephants live in some marshes.African elephants live in savannas and plains all across the continent of Africa.

:) Fun Facts! :)

African Elephants have no sweat glands. Loxondona Africana is the scientific name for the African Elephant. The Elephant has padded feet. African Elephants are 8.3 meters long. A new born weighs about 220 pounds. The elephants touch trunks for a greeting.