Assessment of a hispanic teenager

Identity & Gender


I believe that I'm a typical 16 year old teenage girl. Someone that does get caught up in the some drama every once in a while. A girl that tries to stay focused in school but sometimes does get distracted. I do try to do my best at everything that gets thrown at me. I am a daughter and a sister. I come from a caring and loving family. I believe that I am someone who isn't that close to my family and counts on my friends a lot. I also feel like I am a one of the more outgoing people in my group of friends.


I am a female that attends Joliet West Highschool. At this school girls like me seem to be judged more. Girls here get judged based upon their weight, color, and style. Females always seem to have it harder than males. I feel as if us, females have struggle with trying to look good. Females have to make sure that their bodies are fit or else you'll have someone talking about you in a negative way. I believe females still are not seen as equal.


I feel people can see me as quiet girl in class but once they get to know me they'll change their mind. I also feel as if people see as someone who can easily get annoyed. I believe my family see me as someone who keeps to themselves, and likes to be alone. But I feel like my friends see me as someone who is always out doing something. . I also have a feeling that my friends see me as someone that can get away with a lot and gets basically anything that I want. For the people who don't know I believe they see me as someone that is stuck up just because I do expect a lot from my parents.

Identity (Olivia)

In the play Twelth Night the character Olivia is one of the main characters. She comes from a wealthy family. She has her own house servents and land. She has no family around besides her uncle that lives with her. Olivia is a lady that likes to be in control. She used to mourn over the death of her brother but after she met Cesario that seemed to change. Olivia turned into a lady that wants to be in love and have someone love her back. She wants Cesario to love her back. Olivia thinks of herself as someone who needs to be in charge and stay in power. She knows that she can have her servents do anything that she needs. " If your intentions toward me are honorable, come with me and this holy man into the chapel over there, where you can soothe all my worries by making your marriage vows to me" (IV.iii.23-26). Pg 2

Gender (Olivia)

Olivia in this play is a wealthy female. Since Olivia is a female who has money she seems like she has to be in control. She is like other females who loves the thought of being in love. Since she is a female I believe she thinks that she needs to be respected by others. Olivia is forced to act as clean respectful lady since she is in the higher class rank. The benefits that Olivia has as a lady is that she is more respected and is listened to more.

Perception (Olivia)

Other charcters in the play see Olivia as a beautiful woman. Most of the people know she is higher class than them so they obey her orders. They can see her as someone who is caring because she lets her uncle stay in her house even though he is a big disturbance. In Orsinos eyes she is the girl that he has always wanted. He sees Olivia as the girl that makes his life better. He believes that Olivia is the one for him. "Oh, when I first saw Olivia, it seemed like she made the air around her sweeter and purer" (I.i.18-20). Pg 1
Twelfth Night - Trailer

Similarities and Differences

Lady Olivia and I are alike because we both have a guy in our lifes, we like to be in control of things and situations. We are also similar because she has to put up with her annoying family member and just like her I have to deal with an annoying family member in my household.

Olivia and I can also be considered different. We're different because we live two different life styles. She can offered to have servants while I just have my mom do everything for me. Olivia is seen as a high class woman while I'm just a middle class girl. I feel as if I'm more wiser than Olivia when it comes to relationships because Olivia seemed to jump right into one while I never did.