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News from Mrs. Dutt

Happy New Year from North Warren Regional! Please take a moment to read about our 2018-2019 Professionals of the Year. Also included in this edition is a climate survey for parents. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey about our school.

Professionals of the Year!

Ms. Dawn Sell

Ms. Sell has been a Special Education teacher for over 25 years. At North Warren she teaches students in our vocational life program, in-class support program and the middle school resource room. This school year is her first year teaching the vocational life program and she welcomed this challenge like all other challenges she readily accepts. She is instrumental in our Extended Summer Year program where she helps to organize the curriculum and works with the students during the summer break. She has also recently acquired certification in ELL, English Language Learner. While at North Warren Regional, Ms. Sell coached cheerleading, served as a mentor for new teachers, designed curriculum, assisted in the development of the new Vocational Life Program and helps organize Gifts from the Heart. Outside of the district she served as a volunteer for Social Connections, a program for developmentally disabled adults living in the Blairstown area. She was also awarded The Woman of Excellence award from Warren County Juvenile Justice Residential Program. This was given in recognition of her dedication to the students. Her primary job was to teach the students to their educational level and she was able to assist them with credit completion, tutoring to pass the HiSET Exam and even earn their high school diploma.

Ms. Sell’s colleagues nominated her for Educator of the Year because of the professionalism she demonstrates in all she does, her leadership in the classroom, her expertise in differentiated instruction, but mostly for her dedication and advocacy for her students. Her honesty and intuitiveness for her students and colleagues is beyond measure. She is a positive influence on everyone and every morning she greets staff and students while attending to bus duty. She helps everyone start their day on a positive note. We are all very proud of Ms. Sell and know that she is integral to our school and the greater North Warren community.

Mr. Brian Quigley

Mr. Quigley serves in the capacity of Technology Coach in the district. His primary responsibility in the school is working with students and staff on the use of educational software and hardware. He is also very innovative where he uses his knowledge of technology applications to save the district money without sacrificing a solid infrastructure. He also puts this knowledge to great use during the summer where he serves as a mentor and teacher to students where he welcomes them as interns working as technology technicians. He has made significant work contributions to improve the technology infrastructure in the building. Computer labs are redesigned in such ways that they are easier to maintain and function reliably. He has reorganized and improved rack space in our network closets after we grew beyond our initial capacity. Mr Quigley has been instrumental in helping update sound and lighting in the auditorium. He works hard on many projects that update the overall technology environment, and coordinates repairs with our growing fleet of 1:1 Chromebooks.

Mr. Quigley’s colleagues nominated him for his complete dedication to the staff and students, his utmost professionalism and his undying willingness to help anyone in need; whether it be technology related or personal. They acknowledge this as well as his ability to stay cool and composed under many stressful and trying situations and often with a smile. In addition to his work as Technology Coach, he is a qualified EMT who works with the school nurse as a medical assistant in emergency situations and is a member of the district’s Safety Committee. Outside of the halls of NWR, Mr. Quigley serves his community as the Oxford Fire Chief. Mr. Quigley is a very important member of the North Warren family and we are so excited to share this honor with him.

Parent Climate Survey

We are again collecting data on our school’s climate. We began collecting this data in 2012 and have been using your answers to the Department of Education’s survey questions to help us refine our goals and evaluate our progress. There is a separate survey for students and staff as well. We have created our own data collection tool and your answers will remain anonymous and not be shared individually with the DOE.

Please complete the survey for parents to help us in improving our school. Please complete the survey by Janury 21, 2019. If you have any questions on the survey, please contact the school.