Human Rights Issues



Racism is the belief that their characteristics and how they live is due the their race. Racism has become a bigger problem throughout the years. Racism is a very touchy subject for some people, as people have free speech in place. Racism wasn't created by a certain person, but by society. It's gave discrimination, and inequalities to people. It influences violence, and hate-rid actions causing a negative atmosphere.

Women's Rights

In some areas of the world women work more than men, but yet still are paid less. Gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime; Females are often the ones suffering from the most poverty. Gender equality furthers the cause of child survival, and their development for all of society. So, with that being said the importance of women's rights and gender equality should never be underestimated.

Human Rights Issues in General

There is a lot of Human Right issues throughout our world, we could keep going list by list with so many issues. Starting with the major ones like, Women's Rights, and discrimination. Then the minor ones such as, cultural rights, surveillance issues. If you want to go through and see more of the problems in our world here's the link: ENJOY!

Why is human right issues such a big thing?

Well, it's because you are discriminated for your race, gender, religion etc.. That's a big problem, people should be able to go out in public and feel safe, not humiliated for who they are. Human Rights are important, and people using them, makes Human Right Issues.