Can People Stop Killing Eachother

How Can We Stop People Shoting Eachother

Who Am I

I am Enasia Hunter and I am A student at F.L Schlagle High School I am 9th grader my pet peeve is when somebody talk about you be hide your back then 5 mintues later they be all up in your face. my interests is to be a pediatric doctor

Essential Question

The reason i choose this question because to many people is getting hurt and shot for dumb stuff including incent little kids that didnt have nothing to do with the situation and they can always be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

what i hope to gain

What i hope to learn from my topic is why do people kill and how can we stop it from happening again. How can we just stop all the crime and vilonce

what i hope other gain

what i hope other gain is how can they stop people killing others and help the world be a better place.

Stop the Gun Violence (Documentary)