Pearl S. Buck Elementary

December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!

This will be the last newsletter until we return in January.

The Pearl Buck staff would like to wish our community a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a happy and healthy 2016!

Concert News

Congratulations to our 3rd and 4th grade students who performed in-school and at last night's holiday concert. The orchestra, beginning strings, and chorus presented three wonderful performances. We are very proud of our young musicians!

Thank you for your generous contributions to our Giving Tree

Thank you to the Pearl Buck staff and families who generously decorated our Giving Tree. We will continue to collect new hats, scarves, mittens, warm gloves and warm socks until December 23rd. All items will be donated to the Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter in Levittown.

Volunteer Clearances

ALL parents/guardians are required to have clearances to volunteer at school. To apply for clearances, please access the link on the District and Pearl Buck homepages.

Better yet, here's the link!

Volunteers are required by law to have criminal and child abuse clearances. Clearances are free for all volunteers. If you are volunteering 10 hours per week or more, you will need to obtain a TB test. In addition, our PTO can assist Pearl Buck families with free notary services for the volunteer paperwork.

Cue the Starter Pistol – Let’s Race!

As you celebrate this holiday season with family and friends, please consider taking a moment to drum up support for our upcoming Race for Education fundraiser. Race for Ed is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year. Your efforts with this fundraiser in the past have helped to provide our kids with assemblies, field trips, smart boards in the classroom, playground equipment and much more! Please help us continue to make this fundraiser a success by letting your family and friends know that Race for Ed flyers will be arriving in the next few months. Every donation helps to provide our children with valuable tools and educational experiences. It’s also great fun for the kids to race around the school! Please let your loved ones know you’re counting on their support. Other schools are doing this fundraiser as well, so start the race by lining up those donations for Pearl Buck over the holiday!

The 3rd graders from Mrs. Lysun’s class took home some freshly-picked bush beans this week. As part of the Living Structures Unit in Science, they studied seeds. After sprouting the beans, they grew the plants hydroponically and observed the life cycle of a bean plant.

Did you know....?

  • A US dollar can be made into small change in 293 ways.
  • 40 when written "forty" is the only number with letters in alphabetical order, while "one" is the only one with letters in reverse order.
  • Pi (3.14159...) is a number that cannot be written as a fraction
  • The billionth digit of Pi is 9. (Feel free to double check our counting!)

Thanks for reading our newsletter!