Austin Dance Classic Contest

to be held at Vandegrift High School

Info for Contest on February 27, 2016


1 - We will follow our regular practice schedule next week. Monday practice at 7:30, Tuesday afternoon practice until 5:30pm & Friday morning practice at 7:30 AM. These are MANDATORY. No excused absences will be allowed.

2 - Grades are due from teachers on Tuesday. If a student is not passing with at least a 70% or above in all classes by 8:15 AM on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, she will not be able to compete at VHS. This is a UIL rule and can not be changed.

3 - Two new dates have been added to our calendar. We will perform at Middle School Orientation night on March 2nd @ 6:00pm. We will also have team photos taken on Tuesday, March 8th (our regular practice time) which will last until 5:30pm.

See Schedule and Contest Details below....

Things You Need to Know for Contest:

  • Arrival Time for Officers will be 7:30AM PROMPT. Arrive wearing your officer jazz costume for "My Dear Friend". Hair and make up should be done. Wear your jacket over the costume.
  • Arrival Time for the Team should be no later than 10:00AM. Be in the team side of the stands of the Main Gym to watch your officers perform at 10:00 AM. Hair and Majestic make-up already done, wearing your leggings, Grey Tee, and Majestics Jacket.
  • Lunch and Dinner will be provided, unless you requested to bring a lunch/dinner from home. Lunch is from Jason's Deli. Dinner will be pizza.
  • Dressing Rooms - A VHS Legacy will escort you to our dressing area when you arrive. Moms will not be allowed in the dressing rooms.
  • Bring extra supplies (pins, bobby pins, hair spray, finger nail polish remover, etc., for team use during the day).
  • Awards - Prepare to stay for the awards ceremony. The end time will depend on the size of the contest, and how many awards they hand out. If you need to leave earlier, please contact me personally prior to the day of contest.

Saturday's Performance Schedule:

Officer Routines, Team Routines and Ensembles will be performed in the Main Gym ~

  • 10:00 AM - Company Leader Ensemble - "Booty Swing"
  • 10:08 AM - Officer Jazz - "My Dear Friend"
  • 11:00 AM - Officer Contemporary - "Take Control"
  • 11:56 AM - Spirit Leader Ensemble - "Love Mix"
  • 12:00 PM - Officer Hip Hop - "Salute"
  • 12:44 PM - Company Leader Ensemble - "Black and Gold"

LUNCH BREAK in cafeteria

Back to the Main Gym ~

  • 1:32 PM - Team Jazz "Lucky Strike"

Move to the Auditorium ~

  • 2:12 PM - Duet: Brown/Kelly Duet
  • 2:16 PM - Duet: Williams/Bonfils
  • 2:20 PM - Duet: Hundley/Chilek
  • 2:24 PM - Duet: Childs/McCrea

Move back to Main Gym ~

  • 3:04 PM - Team Kick "Lights, Camera, Action"
  • 4:12 PM - Team Pom "Drop it Low"

Back to Auditorium for Solos ~

  • 4:40 PM - Emily Morrissey
  • 4:44 PM - Amanda Krasoff
  • 4:48 PM - Ashley Williamson
  • 4:52 PM - Natasha Richtermeyer
  • 4:56 PM - Elle McClain
  • 5:00 PM - Ashley Jacobson
  • 5:04 PM - Taryn Norrod
  • 5:08 PM - Smrithi Chandy
  • 5:12 PM - Taylor Childs

6:15 - 7:30 PM ~ Solo Awards and Presentation

Awards estimated at 7:45 PM

Team Packing List