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What is grown and harvest?

The most important crops that they grow/harvest in the Philippines are;

  • Rice-Grown in moist and dry zones(Examples; Southern Tagalog , Central Luzon.)
  • Maize(corn)-Grown in moist zones(Examples; Southern, Central and Northern Mindanao.)
  • Coconut-Grown in Southern Tagalog, Bicol etc.
  • Sugarcane-Western Visayas
  • Banana- Mindanao

Native Customs and Beliefs Related to Food

  • The food of the Filipino is simple. Rice is the chief food. Together with rice, fish or meat and vegetables are eaten.
  • The Filipino is fond of eating pork, chicken, corn, fruits, and vegetables.
  • One of the more popular foods of the Filipino on special occasions is lechon, a whole pig roasted over charcoal fire.
  • Adobo is another popular dish which almost every Filipino can cook.
  • Eating is done with the hands and for outdoor meals
  • The Filipino cooks his food in clay pots over a clay stove (kalan) using wood to build a fire
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Holiday Celebrations

  • Christmas is the most celebrated holiday. The Christmas season extends through 6 January (Three Kings Day) and is a time of family reunions
  1. Bibingka is a popular dish in the Philippines that is composed of ground rice, sugar, coconut cream, placed in banana leaves and cooked in an oven.
  2. Puto Bumbong is another favorite dish during Christmas time
  3. Queso de Bola, also known as Edam cheese, is a yellow, round processed cheese wrapped with a coat of red paraffin wax.
  • New Year’s celebrations are an extension of Christmas festivities, and Christmas decorations generally stay up until after the first week of January.
  1. Pancit (noodles) are cooked to signify long life, as are eggs signifying new life.
  2. Traditional dishes made from malagkit(sticky rice) like biko are prepared so good fortune will stick around throughout the year.
  3. The fruit that Filipinos most associate with the celebration of the new year and will rarely be without is imported ubas, purple grapes that are very round.