By:Pranvit (805)

Why is TORONTO the best place to live.

If you get to choose a city around the who world, where would it be?

Well, for me I think Toronto would be the best city to live in around the whole world, and not just saying, I would give you some reasons that will prove that Toronto actually is the best city to live in.

About Toronto

Toronto is Canada's largest city, with 2.7 million of population. The city of Toronto, covers an area of 630km(square). The city lies on largely flat land, with little in the way of hills. Toronto's climate is partially moderate by its GTA. Toronto is known as the 'WORLD'S MOST MULTI-CULTURAL CITY'. Toronto comes in the top 30 cleanest cities in the world.
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As per the data by Statics Canada's Labour Force Survey, unemployment rate in Toronto (Ontario) is 6.9% which is at par with the Canada's National Figures. Although the method of calculation of unemployment rate varies from country to country but still the Canada is having far better picture.


The University of Toronto is one of the world's most prestigious post-secondary institutions. The University of Toronto ranks 20th in the Academic ranking of World's Universities. Toronto also includes two more Universities, Ryerson and York University, as well as several community colleges. Toronto also opperates 558 public schools.
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Toronto comes in top 100 countries, whoes food is cheap. Canada sits atop of the list of countries ranked for their food safety system.
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Cost of Living

City of Toronto estimates that a family of four can be fed for $590.09 per month.


Toronto comes in world's top 20 in safest cities in the world. Toronto's safety of walking alone during daylight is 85.52%. Toronto's safety of walking alone during night is 78.76%. As per the data from Statics Canada, crime rate has been steadily falling in Toronto (drop of 33% since 1998) which makes it more safer and safer.

Health Services

Toronto's health service is really good, the staff be really friendly and courtesy. The skill and competeng of medical staff is really good.
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The caron dioxide emmision of Canada is 1.48% of the total world figures which is very moderate. The air pollution in Toronto is 20.30% and, 16.76% out of 20.30% is from factories. There is only about 32.14% of water pollution.


NexJ a toronto technology company comes in the fastest growing company which is doing pretty good.
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So with these all points, I think Toronto is the best city to live in.