north american Indian

by marshal zufall

The north american Indians are diverse communities. they each have there own way of doing certain things. some scholars say that american Indians were originally from Siberia and they migrated across beringia into Alaska and then traveled through Canada into america. others say they migrated from lots of different times but for the sake of keeping this short i'm going with this. these differences also lead to another argument saying if they have lived here for a long period of time or if they were only just getting here so its an argument if they were settled or newcomers. the other source of info i'm going to tell you is that there is evidence that they came from south america. which would have taken a long time. another argument is there numbers if there were 2 million or 30 million at certain points which also meant there numbers dramatically decreasing. some native american/south american gave sacrifices to there gods to give them power and when the gods got power the people hoped that they would give them bountiful harvests rain good weather and other things like that. so when the Spaniard European french and every body else came the native Americans didn't know what to think of them because some of the things they brought and the things they rode both fry-tend and enticed them. so for some short periods they were allies trading selling and living peacefully but most of the time they weren't so lucky. eventually the american settlers led by Andrew Jackson in 1838 through 1839 forced the Cherokee nation to give up there land east of the Mississippi and migrate to land in present day Oklahoma. they did this using the Indian removal policy. this migration was called the trail of triers. more than 5000 native Americans died as a result of that 1200 mile trek to Indian territory's they were plagued with whooping cough, typhus, dysentery, cholera and starvation.along there way. the diseases that they were plagued with most of them came over in the Columbine exchange. is one of the sources i used was 13-2 another was history channel website. another is 14-5.