Wolverines Being Threatened

Not a very Friendly Thing for the Animals

The Population of Wolverines Declining

Because of hunters and trappers, the wolverines' population has been decreasing in Canada in the past 200 years. They've been hunted, poisoned, trapped, and more, because of they, the hunters and trappers, want their fur and meat. Unless it is given a protected status in each population in a national park, the wolverines would slowly disappear from the face of Earth.

The Wolverines need our Aid

Wilderness Areas

The increasing use of their wilderness areas in Alberta and British Columbia by snowmobilers and heli-skiers is a threat to denning females and decreasing the wolverines' population. In the Rocky Mountains in Canada, there are a few wolverines left which are threatened by getting trapped and they are losing their habitat in both provinces.

Want to help?

If you want to donate to help or save any animal or have more information about wolverines or other animals, call or email the Jasper Environmental Association (or, if you want to donate, the World Wildlife Fund).