English One Short Story Analysis

Using literary elements to craft a message

DRIVING QUESTION: In which ways does the author use literary elements to craft their message?

Students will need to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Choose, print off, and read a short story. Your teacher will help you decide on a story and approve your story. Here is a good place to start for ideas. Your teacher may share some stories with you as an Ibook.

Fifty Best Short Stories

Many additional short stories appear in our textbook.


2. Students will ANNOTATE their entire story in order to recognize plot structure, conflict, characterization, setting, point of view, and theme (as well as any additional elements).Remember in annotation, it is better to over-communicate your thoughts!

3. Students will fill out the Google Drive document for analysis. You must make your own copy and share it with your teacher. It will be for a grade.

4. Students will research their author and write a 1/2 page response to the question: Did your author's real life influence their story? If so, how? If not, why do you think he or she chose to write about this topic? This will go into your final project. Your teacher will check this before the project.

Be sure to create a citation for any online or book research on Easy Bib.

4. Create an online presentation page (like SMORE.COM, Google Slides)

It will need to include your author response, and answer the driving question about your short story. You will need to provide textual evidence from your story to prove your points and explain the thematic elements that made your story a well-crafted message.

This is challenging work! Take it step by step!


1. Find story you like. Have teacher approve.

2. Print off copy of story.

3. Read the story. Read again and annotate the entire story for all literary elements. Think about which elements are appearing the most often.

4. Fill out the Google Analysis form for your story. (Remember to make your own copy).

5. Research your author and write a half page bibliography. Was the story influenced by the author's life?

-Include MLA citation for website where you got your author information and the story you are using. Easybib.com

6. Create Presentation

-include author biography

-include most used literary elements and textual evidence to prove your point

-discuss the theme of the story

7. Presentations

8. Times writing to answer the driving question:In which ways does the author use literary elements to craft their message?

Questions: Danielste@lisd.net or email your teacher