New Community Centre

Called Winsor's Sports Centre

You Should Go!

There is a NEW community centre. They have over 20 services that you can use. We have two pools, a cafe and many more. You can also buy a membership for Free breakfast from the cafe and backstage passes for any concert for just 29.99. If you are in town this is this place you should go

People Who Were Involved

The people who were involved building this was the Finance Department, the Infrastructure Services, the Greater Napanee municipal council and the Community and Corporate Services Department. The Finance Department was involved because they helped by the administration of taxes, water and wastewater billing, accounts payable & receivable, financial statements and all other financial information. the Greater Napanee municipal council is involved by putting it up at a meeting and by making it a vote. The Community and Corporate Services Department were helping by Making it a tourist viewing area and for setting up our technology. Thanks Everyone

You Should Totally Go Here

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Wilkins Winsor

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Mrs. Hucheson