Tribute to Lauri Harris

Grace P:2

My Hero

Lauri Harris, my mom, is my hero because she does kind acts for others frequently in her everyday life and she is someone I can look up to. This website is in her honor.

Hero Definition Essay

Grace Harris


Period 2


A hero can be a student opening the heavy door while you struggle to manage all of your binders. A hero can be a peer saying “bless you” during class for a horrible sounding sneeze. A hero can be superman saving someone from a burning building. In the dictionary, it is defined as “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” This is wrong! First off, it is not typically a man. Anyone can be a hero. A woman, elderly man, 7 year old girl, little boy, etc. Secondly, it doesn't have to be an outstanding achievement. As I said, it can just be a please, thank you, or a compliment. A simple thing that can change someone's day. All in all, a hero is one that can change someone's day and you look up to heroically!

Imagine arriving to school on a Friday, grumpy from staying up all night binge watching your new favorite show on Netflix, “How I Met Your Mother”. Your red eyes bulging while wiping away the tears from every yawn. You begin to walk towards Mr. Boeckman’s classroom. While you groan and moan, people start to looking at you like you've turned into a zombie on the Walking Dead. At last, you've arrived to the class. Walking into Mr.Boeckman’s classroom, he opens the door and greets you with a smile. The pun on his shirt was very clever. Mr.Boeckman made your day by simple gestures; Greeting you with a smile and opening the door for you. To sum it up, a hero can be anyone making your day better. Anyone helping you in some way. Anyone being there for you.

A hero is someone that inspires you to become them. My hero, my mom, inspires me in many ways. One of the reasons why I look up to her is because she volunteers every week for many organizations. This includes Michigan Shores, Women's Club Of Evanston, Presbyterian Church Of Wilmette, and more. Another reason why I admire her is she always has the best manners and she is friendly to everyone. One day, we arrived at Michigan Shores for dinner. The whole time we ate she would run into many friends we knew. She would start a conversation, and overall would be very sweet. Every five minutes I would hear, “Hi! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while!” Or maybe, “Good luck on your paddle tournament tomorrow!” Furthermore, she is kind to everyone, no matter if it's a close friend or a stranger. All in all, I look up to my mom because she is a volunteer at many organizations and is polite to everyone.

Anyone can be a hero. Some people might argue differently, that it is typically a man, but they are wrong. Some people might think it has to be an extraordinary accomplishment but it doesn't have to be. It can be a small favor or a kind gesture. Go up to your friend and compliment their new shirt or open the door for someone it will make their day feel special. Lastly, a hero is someone you look up to. It can be an untouchable hero, a parent or guardian, little sister, etc. In closing, a hero is someone you look up to or can change your day.

Reaserch Project

I chose to learn how to read sheet music because it was my mom's second language. And it would really help me when singing at the Rock House and possibly starting chorus at my church. The pore the was created on a poster which is located in Mr.Boeckman's room.


Once upon a time on a Friday night,

I was thinking about you hope you were too.(Hey hey)

Wish that I could know how you feel,

About the same things that run through our minds,

(Hey hey)

Ohh You're impossible to find,

But you are on my mind

Please come find me,ohhhh

Just please set me free, ohhh

Please come find me,ohhh

Just set me free?

On the way back home,

It started to storm,

All the way alone.

Ohh you're impossible to find,

Ohh but you're on my mind.

Please come find me, ohh

Just please set me free,

Please come find me,

Ohhh just please set me free.

Song performance

Song is dedicated to my personal hero, Lauri Harris.