Miss Kinney's 2nd Grade Class

November 14, 2014


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Veteran's Day Celebration

Students celebrated Veteran's Day at TCE on Tuesday! Our class collaborated with Mrs. King's 2nd graders. After learning about the holiday and about various war memorials, students were given the task of creating a memorial that honored veterans! They did an amazing job...check out a few below!

Celebrating World Kindness Day

On Thursday, our class celebrated World Kindness Day! We read The Giving Tree then brainstormed some things (tied in abstract nouns :) ) that we could give back to TCE. We then put all of ourideas onto a poster and hung it up in the school for anyone to "take what they need." We saw many people taking sticky notes off of our poster Thursday and Friday. See below for a picture!

Collecting Plastic Caps for a Buddy Bench!

We are collecting clean bottle caps and plastic lids this year at TCE. Please see the attached flyer for more information!

Staying warm at recess!

We will continue to go outside for recess during the winter unless the weather condition pose a risk to the safety of students. Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for being outside in the cold.
In addition to wearing a warm winter coat, here are a few tips to help ensure that your child stays warm during the cold winter months!

  • Send students to school with plenty of layers, sweatshirts, sweaters and pullovers. Layering clothing will allow them to add or remove items depending on the weather.
  • Hats are one of the most important parts of dressing warmly in the winter. A thick winter hat will keep students from losing too much of that essential body heat.
  • Gloves will keep kids’ hands toasty warm and protect their skin from becoming damaged by the wind and chill!

In order to play in the snow, students are required to to wear boots and gloves. It is also very helpful if all items are labeled with your child's name.

Gingerbread Houses!

We will be decorating gingerbread houses on December 18th from 11 to 12. All parents are invited to attend! Look for more information closer to the date!

Classroom Treasure Box

One student's "trash" is another student's "treasure!" If you have any old toys, birthday party favors, etc please consider donating them to our classroom treasure box! Thank you!

Important Information for next week!


Week A of homework! * I will be out on Monday due to Professional Development, so students will not receive spelling words. I will go through the sorts on Tuesday with the students!

Our next Wordly Wise vocabulary test will be Friday, November 21st.

Mark your Calendar!

  • November 26-28: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 18th: Gingerbread House Decorating

Next Week's Specials

Monday 11/17- Day 4: Music

Tuesday 11/18- Day 5: Art

Wednesday 11/19- Day 6: P.E.

Thursday 11/20- Day 1: Music

Friday 11/21- Day 2: Art

We are Learning...

Reading: We will complete our Realistic Fiction reading unit by reading Catalog Cats (Junior Great Book). Students will be completing activities and conducting discussions about this novel.

Math: We will wrap up our Time unit and begin Patterns with Multiplication Facts!

Writing: Students are writing some amazing Realistic Fiction Stories. We will continue writing stories focusing on developing believable plots.

Science: We are completing our study of the sun and the moon!